See how bright and easy everyday decorating can be.

Everyday Decorating

This is the time of year when I’m ready for everyday decorating. The holidays that I love to celebrate have come and gone. The influence of seasonal changes are leveling out. Now I can take a moment to breathe deeply and enjoy a relaxing space. Continue reading

Picasso quote and pink flowers.

My Studio

Every time I clean up the my studio, I feel like I should celebrate by throwing a party or at the least do a little happy dance. It feels so good to start with a clean slate before launching into the next project. Just for fun, I’m sharing how my studio looks right now. If you’re new to the site, I hope you will come back and visit often. Continue reading

Vintage quilt.

Decorating With Pink Accents

Decorating with pink accents is a fun way to welcome spring and exactly what the guest bedroom needed. Lately I’ve been buying lots of flowers in a variety of shades, and decided I really do like pink. Continue reading

Fun spring colors added to the bathroom.

Fun Ways To Accessorize A Bathroom

Today I have some fun ways to accessorize a bathroom. Of course I’m keeping in mind, that in many small bathrooms the wall space and counter space is limited. That doesn’t mean we can’t add a few pops of color here and there just for fun. Continue reading

Vintage bread board on display.

Vintage Finds In The Kitchen

Right now I’m in between big projects, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite vintage finds in the kitchen. This room is one of the easiest to decorate, mainly because there’s not that much room to accessorize. Besides it only takes a few old pieces to add a bit of charm. Continue reading

This is how you decorate for spring.

Spring Decorating

For me spring decorating is swapping out a few accessories, maybe artwork or throw pillows, but decorating with flowers says spring better than anything else. Do you look for excuses to buy flowers too? What a difference a small bouquet can make in a room. Continue reading

Wood dough bowl holds a towel and soaps.

Guest Bathroom Mini Makeover Reveal

With a guest on the way, I had to kick it into high gear to finish painting, then photographing the guest bathroom mini makeover reveal. My last post was all about creating a project board which helped me put my ideas into action. What a difference between the before and after! Continue reading

That pop of green stands out with a neutral background.

Four Easy Ways To Keep Neutral Decor Interesting

Over the years, I’ve drifted more and more to a neutral color palate when selecting furniture and paint colors. I find neutral colors are easy to live with, easy to accessorize and easy to change-up seasonally. Are you leaning in that direction too? Then I have four easy ways to keep neutral decor interesting to help you. Continue reading