Create a swag with silver cups and plaid ribbon.

DIY Pewter Mirror Frame

My DIY pewter mirror frame project is almost as good as a rags-to-riches story.  The frame was undeniably a keeper with classic details and a good size. I’ve saved this mirror for the longest time with the hopes of updating the finish. In addition to updating the frame, I also needed to correct a few damaged spots but wanted to use something other than paint. Continue reading

Flowers make a sweet surprise in the guest room.

10 Ways To Welcome Overnight Guests

We think mostly of having guests during the holidays, however these tips are good practice any time of the year. To help you prepare, here’s a checklist with 10 ways to welcome overnight guests that are simple and hassle free. Continue reading

Rustic look with new wine crates

How To Build A Wine Crate End Table

My original purpose for these simple wine crates was storage. What I ended up with was a unique wine crate end table with a beautiful rustic finish. In just a few easy steps see how to build a wine crate end table of your own.

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The perfect pumpkin decorated with bittersweet.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

When I spied bundles of Bittersweet at the market, I instantly forgot everything I had previously planned for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.  I happily snatched up the branches, knowing they would look lovely on the table. The red berries with their yellow leaf jackets are simply gorgeous, and as it turned out, the highlight of the table this year. As an added bonus, I even had enough to decorate the chandelier.
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Gather together for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Table Sneak Peek And A Free Printable

Today I’m sharing a Thanksgiving table sneak peek and a free printable. I created a watercolor of Indian corn in the colors that say fall to me;  blue, yellow, orange, gray, and red. Then I added a simple word to express what we love to do around table, and that’s gather. Continue reading

Indian Corn Centerpiece

Indian corn is a well know favorite for fall decorating. The muted combinations of blues, browns, yellows and reds, represent all the beautiful colors we associate with this time of year.  Creating a centerpiece is one way to shows off their unique beauty and celebrate their history. Continue reading