How to make oilcloth covers for old cook books.

Oilcloth Book Covers

Today I have a quick and easy way to prolong the life of your old cookbooks. As you can see the cookbook on top of the stack has been lovingly used for many years. I decided I really should make a book cover for it, before it completely falls apart. I love to read old … Continue reading Oilcloth Book Covers

Laundry Refresh And A Free Printable

Laundry Room Refresh And A Free Printable

The laundry room refresh project, started by replacing damaged moulding and adding a new coat of paint on the cabinets. Tackling small repairs are just part of the normal maintenance every home needs. The shoe moulding around the sink cabinet was awful looking. Over time, little spills from the dogs water bowl caused the laminated moulding … Continue reading Laundry Room Refresh And A Free Printable

Fun Ways To Create A Kitchen Vignette

Fun Ways To Create A Kitchen Vignette

I love creating summer vignettes. Better yet I love creating summer vignettes with items I can pull out of the cupboard. Well I did buy the flowers at the market, but after a challenging work week, I needed something happy to look at in the shopping cart.     Since homemade ice-cream is on the … Continue reading Fun Ways To Create A Kitchen Vignette

A Gallery Wall With Room To Grow And A Review

Gallery walls are like thumb prints.  Everyone has their own unique style or taste and no two are just alike. Designing a gallery wall may seem intimidating, but if you're creating one from the things you love, then there's no right or wrong. The gallery wall in my studio started small with two photo ledges … Continue reading A Gallery Wall With Room To Grow And A Review

Summer Holiday Tour 2017

Summer Holiday Tour 2017

Hello and welcome to Thistle Key Lane's summer holiday tour! Summer is already here, so let's get started freshening up the house to make the warm steamy days ahead more enjoyable. A few weeks ago I made a red, white and blue bandana wreath for the front door, so I thought I would continue the … Continue reading Summer Holiday Tour 2017

French Chairs Update Part II

French Chairs Part II

I love stripes, but I have to admit, stripes are hard! I finally finished the second French Chair as promised and wanted to show you how both chairs look together.  My original plan was to have the chairs match, but I fell in love the striped linen and couldn't resist using it as the main feature … Continue reading French Chairs Part II

Red, White And Blue Bandana Wreath

Red, White And Blue Bandana Wreath

This year I'm planning ahead for July 4th with a red, white and blue bandana wreath, in patriotic colors. Bandana wreaths are quick and easy to create, which makes them one of my favorite holiday crafts. Supplies 1 red bandana 1 blue bandana 2 white bandanas 12" foam form scissors string or ribbon For this … Continue reading Red, White And Blue Bandana Wreath

Updating French Chairs

Updating French Chairs

I almost titled this post "focus on the joy", because it's much more fun to share a positive experience rather than a negative one. Last weekend, I went to Calico Corners needing serious help finding the right fabric to recover two antique French chairs. Lucky me, I met Angelina. After a few minutes of conversing, I could see she was genuinely … Continue reading Updating French Chairs