Update a lamp with paint

Redesigning A Brass Lamp

Whenever I redesign or repurpose accessories, the instant gratification becomes so rewarding, I find myself diving into the next project with reckless abandon. This week’s project was redesigning a brass lamp.  Since the lamp had a good shape, what I would call a classic urn, I thought it would be a good candidate for a makeover.


Update a lamp with paint | Thistle Key Lane


As promised, I’m sharing a project using another Amy Howard At Home product to completely redesign a lamp.  I used two spray lacquer colors, white perfection and Belgium blue.

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Painted Striped Tray | Thistle Key Lane

Painted Metal Tray

When I attended the Haven blogging conference in Atlanta last weekend, I was fortunate to  attend a session with Amy Howard At Home. She is a beautiful, talented woman and it was such a pleasure to meet her.

In our session we used Better With Age stain, plaster and wax on some sample wood pieces. The results were amazing. In fact it was such a blast, I decided to try the Amy Howard One Step Paints as well.


Painted Striped Tray | Thistle Key Lane


Wasting no time, I bought the paint in three colors and went to work on a large galvanized steel tray. The inside of the tray was in good shape, so I decided to leave the current finish intact. The outside edge of the tray however, needed attention to cover some discolored areas.

First, I taped off the handles for a clean paint line.

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Summer Home Tour at Thistle Key Lane

Summer Home Tour 2016

As the thermometer keeps hitting 100 daily, I’m happy for my flowers, which are thriving but I’m staying indoors. This has been a great summer so far and I want to show you a few summer accents around the home. If you look closely, you may notice my home doesn’t really change that much, I just keep moving my favorites accessories around to different rooms. This is something you can do too and voila, your friends will think you hired a decorator.

I actually worked on my summer home tour before I went to the Haven blog conference in Atlanta. Then I got preoccupied and suddenly realized I hadn’t posted my summer home tour photos. Yikes! If I don’t sneak it in now, it will be fall before you know it.


Summer Home Tour - Thistle Key Lane


The coffee table tray is one of those accessories I change seasonally, and as holidays roll around.  I see a large tray as an opportunity to mix elements and textures to my heart’s content. It’s also fun to challenge myself to come up with different arrangements over and over.


Summer Home Tour at Thistle Key Lane


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Home Decorators Collection at the Haven Blogging Conference

Haven Conference 2016

Today’s post serves two purposes. First I wanted to assure my husband, I was at the Haven Blogging Conference, and not getting spa treatments for three days. Secondly and more importantly, I want to thank Home Depot and all the vendors for sponsoring and contributing to our conference. Every vendor was focused on creating customer loyalty with inspirational tips and fabulous give-a-ways.  No doubt, I will be putting everything to good use in my projects in the coming months. Home Depot, you rock!


Give-a-ways at the Haven Blogging Conference




Take a look at the variety of vendors adding to the fun atmosphere, we enjoyed at the conference.

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Finished Shoe Bags

No-Sew Shoe Bags

A few months ago, I ordered shoes from Boden and received a shoe bag with my order. They have such good taste, which is just one more reason to love Boden products. That got me thinking about how nice it would be to have some larger bags for booties, since I’m planning a trip in the fall.  No-sew shoe bags are actually very simple to make and a great way to use up fabric remnants.


Boden Shoes and Shoe Bag

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