Vintage Christmas Cards

Create Vintage Gift Tags For Treat Bags

These yummy treat bags are for my co-workers. It’s a surprise. 😉 If you’re looking for last-minute ideas you can make them too. Treat bags are always fun to give and receive. Today I’m sharing an easy way to create vintage gift tags, and a delightfully simple recipe for white candy coated popcorn. Continue reading

Cute red and white and boxwood are used to decorate a chair back.

Chair Back Holiday Decor

Who knew simple kitchen towels could add so much charm to the holiday decor, especially when used to decorate chair backs. This is one of the easiest ideas I have to spruce up a kitchen chair, and you can use any color or design to match the personality of your home. Continue reading

Dough bowl used for a holiday centerpiece.

Holiday Centerpiece

Looking for a super easy five-minute holiday centerpiece? You’re in luck because that’s what I’m sharing today. I included a glimpse of this arrangement on the Christmas tour, but I thought you might like a closer look. I love centerpieces that are easy to assemble and fill the house with fresh woodsy scents. Continue reading

Christmas vignette with candles

Happy Christmas Tour 2017

This year we’re starting the happy Christmas tour in the kitchen, and of course I have a few plaid accents. I don’t know how to decorate any other way. With all the plaid patterns available these days, it’s impossible for me to pass up. As you scroll through you will notice a hint of plaid in almost every photo. Continue reading

Christmas tree with vintage and new decorations.

Decorating The Christmas Tree

In our house decorating the Christmas tree is cause for celebration. This is the first tree we’ve had in a while due to our rambunctious dog, Angus. He definitely set limits on the holiday decorating the last few years, but I think we are ready to resume our festive traditions once again. Keeping fingers crossed! Continue reading

Create a swag with silver cups and plaid ribbon.

DIY Pewter Mirror Frame

My DIY pewter mirror frame project is almost as good as a rags-to-riches story.  The frame was undeniably a keeper with classic details and a good size. I’ve saved this mirror for the longest time with the hopes of updating the finish. In addition to updating the frame, I also needed to correct a few damaged spots but wanted to use something other than paint. Continue reading

Flowers make a sweet surprise in the guest room.

10 Ways To Welcome Overnight Guests

We think mostly of having guests during the holidays, however these tips are good practice any time of the year. To help you prepare, here’s a checklist with 10 ways to welcome overnight guests that are simple and hassle free. Continue reading