Summer Holiday Tour 2017

Summer Holiday Tour 2017

Hello and welcome to Thistle Key Lane's summer holiday tour! Summer is already here, so let's get started freshening up the house to make the warm steamy days ahead more enjoyable. A few weeks ago I made a red, white and blue bandana wreath for the front door, so I thought I would continue the … Continue reading Summer Holiday Tour 2017

Decorating Christmas In Plaid

Decorating Christmas In Plaid

Last Christmas, Angus was a wee puppy getting into whatever mischief he could reach.  If you know anything about wheaten terriers, you know they typically take at least three years to grow out of their insufferable puppy stage. I keep telling myself, one day he will become a great companion just like our Sandy. Until … Continue reading Decorating Christmas In Plaid

Christmas Holiday Tour

Welcome to Thistle Key Lane's Christmas Holiday Tour.  Who knew I could have so much fun with a few yards of fabric. I should call this post, "For the love of Plaid"! The tour starts at the front door, with a simple grapevine wreath and knotted strips of flannel left over from the plaid bunting mantel decoration. This year I'm … Continue reading Christmas Holiday Tour

Fall Tour

Last weekend, I scattered snippets of orange shades around the house pretending that fall had arrived. Fall decorating is actually a cinch in our house, with the warm colors of the mahogany wood floors and the cherry cabinets.  Even our walls complement the earth tones with Town Hall Tan by Sherwin-Williams.  The color starts in the entry, and … Continue reading Fall Tour