A Gallery Wall With Room To Grow And A Review

Gallery walls are like thumb prints.  Everyone has their own unique style or taste and no two are just alike. Designing a gallery wall may seem intimidating, but if you're creating one from the things you love, then there's no right or wrong. The gallery wall in my studio started small with two photo ledges … Continue reading A Gallery Wall With Room To Grow And A Review

Home Decorators Collection at the Haven Blogging Conference

Haven Conference 2016

Today’s post serves two purposes. First I wanted to assure my husband, I was at the Haven Blogging Conference, and not getting spa treatments for three days. Secondly and more importantly, I want to thank Home Depot and all the vendors for sponsoring and contributing to our conference. Every vendor was focused on creating customer … Continue reading Haven Conference 2016

Enticing Rare Whiskies

Last week, I happily found myself back at Next Wood Fired Bistro, for a third Scotch tasting dinner. While anxiously waiting for the evening to begin, I snapped a few photos of the enticing line up of rare whiskies, by William Grant & Sons. Kininvie 23 Years Old   -   The  Annasach Reserve 25 Years Old    -    Balvenie … Continue reading Enticing Rare Whiskies

New Mac Raincoat Review

Meet the new Mac. One love was not enough and now I have two. Who would duck the rain with a coat so comfortable to wear. The newest Mac from Boden has a few changes worth mentioning.   Once again, I love the tailored details and the correct proportions for a precise fit. For someone who’s petite, … Continue reading New Mac Raincoat Review

2015 Thistle Key Lane Review

A smashing success!  I would like to thank my viewers, for being very kind and resisting the urge to tear apart my projects or me for that matter, especially when blogging details may have been perfectly clear to me and no one else. I can't really boast of my accomplishments without divulging a few character flaws. Starting a … Continue reading 2015 Thistle Key Lane Review

LG Washer and Dryer Review

I’m so excited to be reviewing the LG Top Load Washer with Turbo Wash (WT7700HVA 5.7 Cu. Ft.)  and the LG Easy Load Electric Dryer with Steam (DLEX7700VE 9.0 Cu. Ft.). To see the original Laundry Room post from September, click HERE.  I had several people ask for my opinion concerning the LG products, but didn’t feel comfortable making a recommendation until … Continue reading LG Washer and Dryer Review

Keds Review and Inspiration

Design inspiration from Keds?  When they are Kate Spade Keds, it's no surprise!  I’m really enthusiastic about plaid this year, which explains why I’m noticing it everywhere. I'm not known to be an impulsive buyer but I couldn't ignore the immediate urge to order on-line, when I spotted the plaid Keds. It was as if Kate Spade herself said, "Hi … Continue reading Keds Review and Inspiration

Scotch Dinner

Having been lucky enough to attend a few Scotch tastings over the years, I‘m always pleased to find that the whisky speaks for itself and doesn’t need much in the way of explanation.  However, when you mix a superb single malt Scotch whisky with an authentic, and dare I say charming, representative from the whisky’s home … Continue reading Scotch Dinner