Oxford Cloth Sheets Review

Oxford cloth sheets from Lands' End

Oxford cloth sheets from Lands’ End

If I were a celebrity and had the opportunity to list my favorite products, let’s say for a magazine article (dare to dream), I would include Oxford Cloth Sheets from Lands’ End.  Well, I’m not in the celebrity crowd and I don’t do interviews, but I can write a review. Continue reading

Raincoat Review

Having a great appreciation for style, I feel compelled to share my first official fashion review.  A month before my vacation, my daughter urged me to order a raincoat (AKA Mac) from Boden. She explained how important it is that we make a fashion statement upon arriving at our destination.  I must admit I was reluctant because I’m the type that always wears dark clothes so I blend in with everyone else.  Sometimes, I need to take a giant step out of my comfort zone.

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