A Gallery Wall With Room To Grow And A Review

Gallery walls are like thumb prints.  Everyone has their own unique style or taste and no two are just alike. Designing a gallery wall may seem intimidating, but if you're creating one from the things you love, then there's no right or wrong. The gallery wall in my studio started small with two photo ledges … Continue reading A Gallery Wall With Room To Grow And A Review

Earl Grey Shortbread Cookie Recipe

Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

When I'm craving tea and cookies you'll know about it right here. This weekend I was craving shortbread and decided to use Ina Garten’s shortbread cookie recipe. This is the same recipe I used in the post, Lavender Shortbread Cookies, except this time I baked Earl Grey shortbread. Yum!  The aroma of Earl Grey tea and shortbread is … Continue reading Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri Sauce

Last year I started a series called, "For The Herb Of It", with two delicious herb cookie recipes. Today, I have a savory herb recipe for chimichurri sauce to add to the series. My obsession with chimichurri sauce started month or so ago. The husband and I had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, where I had a … Continue reading Chimichurri Sauce

Almond Icebox Cookie Recipe | Thistle Key Lane

Almond Icebox Cookies

I have a love-hate relationship with cookies. Yesterday, I made cookies using my mom's old almond icebox cookie recipe. They were so delicious hot out of oven, and before I knew it, six had disappeared. I really love them but hate that I can't stop after eating one.     Almond Icebox Cookie Recipe ½ cup butter 1 cup … Continue reading Almond Icebox Cookies

Salad Inspiration With Vegetables

Salad Inspiration With Vegetables

I must admit, I'm not very consistent when it comes to cooking and eating vegetables.  If you're like me, then maybe all you need is a bit of inspiration. I created three easy vegetable salad combinations, that you can make too. My enthusiasm for fresh vegetables was stirred from an eclectic mix of restaurants I discovered during a weekend … Continue reading Salad Inspiration With Vegetables

Pot de crème with individual garnish.

Chocolate Pot de Crème

Why are the best desserts sometimes the most simple to create? Chocolate Pot de Crème certainly falls into that category. If you are looking for a special recipe, let's say for a Valentine's Day dinner, you may want to give this one a try. Served in small portions, Chocolate Pot de Crème is the perfect … Continue reading Chocolate Pot de Crème

Kitchen Christmas Decor

Holiday Spiced Rum Cake

Growing up, the best place to hang out during the Christmas season was in the kitchen. I hope you will love my Holiday Spiced Rum Cake as much as I do. This recipe reminds me of those wonderful times watching my mother bake when I was a little girl. I used my mom's rum cake recipe substituting brown … Continue reading Holiday Spiced Rum Cake

Homemade granola with yogurt or fruit.

Homemade Granola

Every morning should be just like this, enjoying a bite of breakfast while reading the latest Bon Appétit magazine. As a special fall treat, I prepared some Parker Country peaches I put up during the summer, with a delicious topping of homemade granola. I hardly ever sit down to eat breakfast. My usual routine consists of inhaling … Continue reading Homemade Granola