Patio Container Blueberries

It's patio season and I’m so excited about the new containers and blueberries the husband bought.  He negotiated a discount on one of the containers which was damaged, thinking I would like to blog about repairing it.  I love the idea of container gardening, but patio container blueberries? That's brilliant!   Did you know blueberries can be … Continue reading Patio Container Blueberries


Backyard Tour

Hello again! I took a week off for travel and happy to see our yard looks so pretty upon my return.  You could say we had an unusual spring, considering the sun took a month-long vacation, we had cooler than normal temperatures and we survived the 100 year flood, again.  Happily our backyard plants are … Continue reading Backyard Tour

Patio Season

On the spring and summer weekends we usually have an umbrella raising ceremony.  It is a signal that good times are about to start and relaxation can begin. Last weekend we spent time cleaning up the patio planting hibiscus and a few herbs.  The most impact comes from cleaning up leaves , weeds and trimming up … Continue reading Patio Season

Herb Markers

As usual I go shopping for one thing and come home with whole bag full of projects from my favorite fabric and craft store.  I was in the wood aisle looking at large letters when I saw these little wooden flower shapes and it hit me.  Herb markers!  I have been looking for something cute … Continue reading Herb Markers