How To Style An Entry Table Tray

Today I’m sharing how to style an entry table tray the easy way. Every time I have fresh flowers in the house I feel like celebrating. Flowers make me so happy and I love the greeting I receive by those pretty petals when I walk through the door.

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DIY Slipcovers And Why I Love Making Them

Today’s post is all about DIY slipcovers and why I love making them. I’ve had lots of interest in my slipcovers lately, so I thought it would be fun to do a round up of the slipcovers currently in residence. If you are new to the blog, you may not realize the DIYs of these pieces were in some of my super old posts.

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Easy Ways To Decorate With Red White And Blue

Today I’m sharing easy ways to decorate with red, white and blue. Our summer temperatures are heating up, getting me in the mood for festive colors. You could say decorating with blue and white is part of my signature style, but red not so much. Maybe it’s just a mind-set of thinking red doesn’t compliment our home. Well those thoughts are changing.

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Updating A Bedroom With Patterns

Updating a bedroom with patterns may sound easy, but for me it was a bit of a challenge. When I decorate, it’s with longevity in mind. Such as using solid colors that are easily changed with seasonal accessories. It’s a good plan, but sometimes I really need to get out of my decorating comfort zone and have fun. Continue reading

Styling A Spring To Summer Mantel

Right now, I’m simplifying my home decor starting with my spring to summer mantel. This time of year is the easiest for me to decorate, because basically I’m starting with a clean slate. This is what I call my everyday decorating and I’m basking in the fresh uncluttered look. Continue reading

Table set for a tea party with pink and white flowers.

Simple Tea Party Ideas

I’m so happy to share with you some of my simple tea party ideas that I use for setting a modern cottage style table. Dress it up or keep it casual, you just can’t go wrong, and far as I’m concerned there is always time for tea. While you’re here check out, “It’s A Spring Tea Party” Blog Hop, hosted by my friend Amber from Follow The Yellow Brick Home. Continue reading

Secretary repurposed into a liquor cabinet.

Ideas For Liquor Cabinets

Thinking of ideas for liquor cabinets? Well, I have a couple of solutions that might help with that, since I just solved that problem in our house. Sometimes is just a matter of shifting things around and I’m great at moving stuff from one place to another. Continue reading