Simple Ideas For Bushel Baskets

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. Today I’m sharing one of those simple ideas for using bushel baskets. I’m also joining a fun group of bloggers for a Bountiful Fall Basket blog hop. If you are just stopping by or joining me from Kristin’s White Arrows Home, welcome! Continue reading

Fall Focal Point In The Entryway

This year the fall focal point in the entryway is a perfect little line-up of white mums. The sprucing up of the entryway is just in time for a party, and I can’t think of anything that says welcome more than a pretty display of flowers. Continue reading

Peach, orange and yellow ranunculus with Dianthus and eucalyptus.

Easy Fall Decor With Flowers And Pumpkins

When I found Ranunculus and Dahlias only a few feet from each other at the market my previous ideas for a flower arrangement went “poof”. I just can’t get enough of these color combinations, so I’m carrying them into my fall decor with the addition of pumpkins of course. Continue reading

Adding fall color in the kitchen with sunflowers.

Fall Color In The Kitchen

I love adding fall color in the kitchen. This year fall landed in a big way on the kitchen counter with beautiful sunflowers. When I went to the nursery to buy mums this week, I couldn’t resist bring home this potted beauty. I had visions of using it on a tablescape, but as you can see it’s a wee bit too large. Continue reading

How to style a china cabinet.

How To Style A China Cabinet

My neglected china cabinet has been looking sad and it’s no wonder, I haven’t updated the shelves in at least ten years, maybe longer. Which is shocking, I know. How can I call myself a blogger and overlook a grand opportunity like this one. Today I’m sharing how to style a china cabinet or at least how to organize one. Continue reading

DIY book page table runner and tablescape.

DIY Book Page Table Runner

For your next get together, you might want to make a diy book page table runner. They are much easier to make than you might think and they add a bit of whimsy and elegance to your table. Think about how beautiful your next intimate gathering or party will be with a fabulous book page table runner. Follow along and I’ll show you an easy way to make one too. Continue reading