Kitchen Update

Something’s gotta give, when a project goes over budget.  When the kitchen was updated about 15 months ago, I decided I could live with the cabinet hardware a little bit longer. Lately, I noticed how much the finish has worn off the old pulls, and got busy looking for replacements.  I found the new hardware at Lowe’s.


Old Hardware


Let’s back up a second, to see the before photo of the kitchen. These are the same cabinets but they look very different with the previous reddish gray tile back-splash, charcoal corian counter and hammered finished hardware.


Kitchen before update


Travertine Tile


Replacing the counter top with granite had the biggest impact to the kitchen, however believe it or not my favorite features turned out to be the travertine back-splash and granite composite sink.  The wall oven and microwave were also updated, so you can imagine how quickly the cost added up.

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Repurposed Containers

It’s possible, I might have mentioned about three dozen times, my “thing” for plaid. So, if I have an opportunity to incorporate plaid into my decor, even if it is only a tiny container with a tartan band, I seize the moment. This is also a quick and easy project to repurpose tin containers for organizing, plus make them more attractive for display.


Container with label


While cleaning out the pantry, I realized the tartan tin tea container, is way too cute to be hidden. Since I’m a big tea lover, I have a variety of containers that can be repurposed. These cute tins will be perfect displayed on my desk.

I should probably clarify, that while I do have a thing for plaid, I’m very selective when it comes to colors.  The navy, green, brown and gray plaids go best in my decor, but for some reason are more of a challenge to find.


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Industrial Bookcase

Cocktail carts are all the rage these days by instantly inviting a festive mood into any room. I had hoped to find one to paint or update, but have reminded myself countless times, I have two obstacles. The first is lack of space and the second is Angus (aka the puppy wrecking ball). I decided to continue using my sturdy kitchen bookshelf as the bar keep area, but improve the function and appearance.


Metal Bolts


Paint bars to look like metal


New industrial look for mission style bookcase

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Laundry Room

Welcome to my new happy place, the laundry room. I can’t help it! Just look at my new LG washer and dryer!  They are so good-looking, high-tech and functional, I obviously  had to show them off in a freshly painted room. I also seized the opportunity for cleaning and organizing.

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A Hint of Fall

Yippee! We had rain last evening and cooler temperatures are expected. I’m not kidding, when I say we have been a wee bit crispy since the beginning of August. Not having to pretend the weather is changing makes decorating for fall, much more fun.


Lantern with books on display


My most versatile decorating accessory is the Pottery Barn lantern, I found a couple of years ago. This summer, the lantern was sitting on my dining table with books stacked around.  As I was dusting, I got the idea of stacking and wedging the books inside the lantern.  All the books fit inside nicely and the overall look is quite interesting.


Large painted acorn in soft green and brown.


Displaying the lantern on the coffee table tray makes a handsome addition to the living room. The books with the brown paper covers, keep the colors light and the jumbo sized pale green acorn I painted, works well also.


Iron key and shells


Tucked in the back of the lantern is Merry Wives of Windsor, a good conversation starter. And of course, I kept the large iron key and pretty shells that bring out the orange and soft blue colors in the room.


The mini bouquet is lavender and Mexican heather.


A tiny vase holds a mini bouquet of lavender and Mexican heather, making the whole room smell wonderful and relaxing.


Pottery Barn lantern with books.


My favorite feature of the lantern is the steel-gray roof, which is one of my favorite colors.  I think that’s why it compliments so many areas in my home.

Time to relax and enjoy the hint of fall.


Furniture With Hidden Possibilities

This may be very shocking to you, but my house is not always company ready. I’m mainly referring to the downstairs family room and kitchen area, where we hang out with our puppy dogs. Many times while expecting friends to stop by, I’ve gathered up the detritus scattered around the room, and stashed it in the storage container that looks like a table.  It’s like having a secret room.  Amazing how much this unassuming container can hold!

Drum Storage Table

Drum Storage Table


When your decorating budget is tight, you want to get the most for your money by making calculated purchasing decisions.  For example, our entry table can also be used as a sofa table, a buffet or a media table.  We may not always live in this house, so a table that can be used in different ways is something to consider when furniture shopping.


Perfect size table by the sofa

Perfect size table by the sofa


Getting back to the highlight of my blog is the hard-working storage table sitting at the end of the leather sofa.  Last year while searching for an accent table, I visited all my favorite retail sites and spotted the Cala Hammered Drum Table at World Market. I ordered it on-line and it arrived within a week. Shopping at it’s best!


Drum Storage Table

Drum Storage Table


The drum table is about five feet from the back door.  Very convenient storage for towels to use at the pool and for drying wet paws.  Last winter, I used it to store extra throws and a blanket for sofa snuggling. Imagine how many stuffed animals, toys, flip-flops, kids books, frogs, and magazines this baby can hold!

Nice to know, if the doorbell rings, everything can go back into the storage container like magic.


Drum Storage Table

Drum Storage Table

Currently, I’m using the storage table by the sofa, but it could be easily moved to a bedroom, the bathroom or outside on the patio. Hope this give you some good ideas when shopping for furniture with big possibilities!



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The first thing on my bucket list – update the chalkboard. Turning my attention to my neglected chalkboard, I decided to write the first things to pop into my head.

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