Repurposed Containers

It’s possible, I might have mentioned about three dozen times, my “thing” for plaid. So, if I have an opportunity to incorporate plaid into my decor, even if it is only a tiny container with a tartan band, I seize the moment. This is also a quick and easy project to repurpose tin containers for organizing, plus make them more attractive for display.


Container with label


While cleaning out the pantry, I realized the tartan tin tea container, is way too cute to be hidden. Since I’m a big tea lover, I have a variety of containers that can be repurposed. These cute tins will be perfect displayed on my desk.

I should probably clarify, that while I do have a thing for plaid, I’m very selective when it comes to colors.  The navy, green, brown and gray plaids go best in my decor, but for some reason are more of a challenge to find.


Chalkboard label


Desk Display


Sometimes manufacturing labels and especially bar codes are not very attractive, so I decided to cover those areas with chalkboard labels.  Using Martha Stewart chalkboard adhesive labels I had on hand, I simply cut the labels to the correct size with a paper-cutter.



My initial seemed appropriate, since writing brushes on the tartan tin label would be too obvious.  For now, the other tins are going to be used for tiny clothes pins and upholstery staples.


Containers on shelf




Containers with labels


Initials on chalkboard label



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