A Hint of Fall

Yippee! We had rain last evening and cooler temperatures are expected. I’m not kidding, when I say we have been a wee bit crispy since the beginning of August. Not having to pretend the weather is changing makes decorating for fall, much more fun.


Lantern with books on display


My most versatile decorating accessory is the Pottery Barn lantern, I found a couple of years ago. This summer, the lantern was sitting on my dining table with books stacked around.  As I was dusting, I got the idea of stacking and wedging the books inside the lantern.  All the books fit inside nicely and the overall look is quite interesting.


Large painted acorn in soft green and brown.


Displaying the lantern on the coffee table tray makes a handsome addition to the living room. The books with the brown paper covers, keep the colors light and the jumbo sized pale green acorn I painted, works well also.


Iron key and shells


Tucked in the back of the lantern is Merry Wives of Windsor, a good conversation starter. And of course, I kept the large iron key and pretty shells that bring out the orange and soft blue colors in the room.


The mini bouquet is lavender and Mexican heather.


A tiny vase holds a mini bouquet of lavender and Mexican heather, making the whole room smell wonderful and relaxing.


Pottery Barn lantern with books.


My favorite feature of the lantern is the steel-gray roof, which is one of my favorite colors.  I think that’s why it compliments so many areas in my home.

Time to relax and enjoy the hint of fall.


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