Kitchen Update

Something’s gotta give, when a project goes over budget.  When the kitchen was updated about 15 months ago, I decided I could live with the cabinet hardware a little bit longer. Lately, I noticed how much the finish has worn off the old pulls, and got busy looking for replacements.  I found the new hardware at Lowe’s.


Old Hardware


Let’s back up a second, to see the before photo of the kitchen. These are the same cabinets but they look very different with the previous reddish gray tile back-splash, charcoal corian counter and hammered finished hardware.


Kitchen before update


Travertine Tile


Replacing the counter top with granite had the biggest impact to the kitchen, however believe it or not my favorite features turned out to be the travertine back-splash and granite composite sink.  The wall oven and microwave were also updated, so you can imagine how quickly the cost added up.



Silver spoon worn with use


Ready for Dinner


The current colors are much warmer making the kitchen more inviting. I love standing in my kitchen with a cup of tea or glass of wine, admiring the space. You might think spending time in the kitchen means I’m cooking more, but I never seem to have enough time to cook all the things I envision.


Granite composite sink


Favorite Tea Mug


This is the point in the post where I have to laugh at myself, for my previous attempts at installing the old drawer handles.  Apparently my measurements were off but the hardware covered up the holes. I completely forgot my mistakes until I removed the old handles.  This is typical of my projects, but what’s insane, I did this not on one but on three of the drawers. Luckily the new handles, I already purchased cover up the holes…mostly.


Learning how to measure


Repair drawer


New Hardware


Hardware for cabinets


The new hardware has a subtle bronze finish and an understated design I’m very fond of. Now I pronounce the kitchen is complete… until the next project comes along.


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