Willow Basket Door Arrangement For Early Fall - green branches and sunflowers

Willow Basket Door Arrangement For Early Fall

Hi friends, today I’m sharing a willow basket door arrangement for early fall. If you looking for an easy way to decorate a door or an entry wall this is it and just in time for fall.

Willow Basket Door Arrangement For Early Fall


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It will be awhile before the leaves start changing color here in the Texas. That’s why I’m using green branches but I’m envisioning how the front door will look with red, orange and yellow branches.

For this arrangement I’m using mostly olive branches, a large sweetgum branch and a grouping of bright yellow sunflowers.


Sunflowers and branches in a basket.


Sometimes you just have to use whatever you can find locally. In a couple of weeks though, I plan on getting out of the city so I can gather a variety of vines and oak branches. So excited!



I hope to create a larger arrangement to really kick off the fall season. Decorating the porch with lots mums is first on my outdoor fall decorating to-do list. The hardest part is deciding what color mums to buy.

Should I stick with yellow and white or mix things up this year? What’s your favorite color mum?


Willow Basket Door Arrangement For Early Fall on the porch.


Willow Basket Door Arrangements

The door arrangement starts with a woven willow branch slim wall pocket. I’ve seriously been looking for a vintage version of this basket for a long time but no luck. This basket is very sturdy and just the right size for my front door so it works.

The basket has a nice handle on the back that easily fits over a hook or a nail.

Using a subtle dry brush technique, I lightly applied a light coat of chalk paint in tan and cream for an aged effect.  The change is barely noticeable, but I like it better and the metal ribs are not as shiny.

To create an arrangement, start with the largest branch first then add the smaller branches in groups. The sunflowers are the finishing touch. I’m letting them dry naturally, so we’ll see what they look like in a week or so.


Willow Basket Door Arrangement For Early Fall with sunflowers.


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Willow Basket Door Arrangement For Early Fall and the season beyond.


Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope this post gives you a few more ideas of how to decorate your front door.


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18 thoughts on “Willow Basket Door Arrangement For Early Fall

  1. Terrie says:

    What a beautiful front porch Michelle. I love your basket arrangement. Looks like you are all ready for the Fall season. Love the dry brushing technique. Happy first day of the week.

  2. Pat M. says:

    I actually prefer a decorated basket on a door rather than a wreath. For one, it can be changed with the seasons more easily. My favorite mum color is the dark red mums, but I don’t use them because they don’t show as brightly. I normally use a mix of yellow and bronze – not very creative, I know, but they are more easily seen in the landscaping from the street or in a flower bed against the dark mulch. They’re all beautiful and I love going to the garden center and seeing a sea of varied colors. It’s hard to choose ….

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Hi Pat, you are so right about the dark mums not showing up as well. Our house faces north, casting deep shadows around the porch area. That’s probably why I always pick yellow and white. Maybe I can find a bright purple mum to add to the urn by the door to break the pattern. Hope you find pretty ones this year!

  3. Cindy says:

    Such a great idea to use a basket instead of a wreath! I typically use a wreath on a door but I love the basket idea! I also like that you hung it below the window – that adds another unique touch to your front door! I will have to get that basket! BTW that link for it is directing me to a blank Google search page ☺️

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thanks Cindy for letting me know about the link. It should work now. I’m going to get a lot of use out of this basket just because it’s so easy to fill, plus I really love the way it looks on my door!

  4. barbaramantelandtablecom says:

    This is so lovely Michelle! Your sunflowers are gorgeous and a perfect gentle transition to fall. I never would have thought of the chalk paint on the basket, but I totally agree with you – it looks so pretty! 💛 Thanks as always for the wonderful inspiration!

  5. Tiffany says:

    This is so pretty, Michelle! I have a wicker door basket that I have yet to use since we moved – I need to get on that! Love the sunflowers – those are always my favorite part of September here in the Pacific Northwest 🙂

  6. Debra Oliver says:

    Love the basket, I have a similar one and you’re so right about ease of changing them out for the season. The green branches are beautiful this time of year. Everything here is speckled brown and dried out. Yoursl looks so lush and full. Thanks so much for linking up with the party!

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