Summer To Fall Mantel And A Gourd Garland

It’s that time of year for transitional decorating starting with my summer to fall mantel and a gourd garland. If you’re not ready to decorate for fall yet, I certainly understand but it’s alright to plan ahead. I usually decorate a little at a time waiting for the summer heat to ease up a bit.


Summer to fall mantel and a gourd garland with neutral colors.


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Decorating the mantel is something I look forward to every year, because it’s the focal point of the room.

Summer To Fall Mantel

On one end of the mantel, a large hurricane candle holder cozies up to a stack of books and a sculptural piece of coral. It’s all neutral so I can add more color later as we get into the fall season.


Neutral colors for a summer to fall mantel and a gourd garland.


A Norfolk pine in a handsome new earth fired clay pot, sits on the other end of the mantel closer to the windows. Did you know my plants must pass a probation period before getting repotted? This one is thriving. Yay!

I love mixing in lots of greenery to highlight autumn colors. For more natural decor tips visit my post, Ideas For Decorating With Plants.


Transitional summer to fall mantel and a gourd garland.


By keeping the accessories to a minimum on the mantel, I can squeeze in a few pumpkins as we get closer to October.

Mini Gourd Garland

Underneath the mantel is a cute garland of dried field gourds in beautiful earthy shades of green and orange. They are simply strung together by tying each one with jute twine  in a granny knot at the middle.


Green and orange gourd garland.


If you prefer a more neutral color pallet here’s a link for mini natural bottle gourds.

I try not to take seasonal decorating too seriously by incorporating something unexpected or whimsical. Gourds absolutely fall into the whimsical category with their unique shapes.


A string of green and orange bottle gourds.


Summer to fall mantel and a gourd garland.


Next year I may use these gourds to make a wreath or place in a large basket with mini pumpkins. We’ll see.

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Whimsical summer to fall mantel and a gourd garland.


To see last years mantel visit Transitioning From Summer To Fall Home Tour. Check back because there’s more transitional decorating to come.



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7 thoughts on “Summer To Fall Mantel And A Gourd Garland

  1. Pat M. says:

    Simply beautiful, as usual. I’m using more plants in my decor, but my green thumb is better outside than inside. We’ll see how long they last.

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Good for you Pat. Hope your indoor plants do as well as the ones outside. They really do make a home feel lived in.

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