Winter White Plaid Pillow

Thistle Key Lane has a new look! I’m very excited about the new layout with the easy to read menu and wide photos. Thank you for stopping by to see my latest project.

Trending now: Large wide zippers.

Catching my attention in the fashion world these days, are wide zippers on skirts, sweaters and even lacy dresses.  Zippers are becoming part of the design in so many creative ways. In some instances, turning what was once considered a formal look into something playful and sporty.   Why not approach home decor with the same attitude.

Large wide zipper for fashion and function

Large wide zipper for fashion and function

With a large wide zipper and remnants of plaid and ticking I had on hand, I created a pillow cover for the living room. The winter white plaid looks great on the cream sofa but I like the contrast with the dark brown color of my grandmother’s ornate chair.


The wide zipper was easy to install with a simple seam stitched on each side.

After installing the zipper, I placed the good sides of the front and back fabrics together and ran a seam around all four sides.  To turn it right side out, I unzipped the front. Then I pressed the seams flat to finish the pillow.

The zipper has a fun look and functional as well, making an easy opening to insert a pillow.


Heavy plaid flannel and navy ticking used for the pillow

Soft plaid flannel and navy ticking used for the pillow


Sometimes mixing styles can work surprisingly well.  In this case opposites attract, which is an easy way of decorating, and one of my favorite styles. The fabrics on the pillow are opposites as well, taking heavy ticking and matching it with a soft wintry flannel.


Cozy winter pillow

Cozy winter pillow


Zipper Pillow

My daughter said, “I love it!  Can you make about six more?”  Hmm…a tall order but it makes me happy to have someone admire something I created.

Thank you letting me share my latest project and the new look of Thistle Key Lane.


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