Serving trays are a must for patio entertaining.

Patio Entertaining

If you’re looking for an over-the-top, extraordinary, glamorous patio entertaining post, this isn’t it. This is more of a last-minute throw together of things on hand, for quick and simple patio entertaining.

Easy no fuss patio entertaining.


Roses with rosemary for a little patio bouquet.


Today I’m sharing 5 of my favorite tips for effortless patio entertaining.


My style is usually very simple, therefore when it’s crunch time for entertaining, I use that to my advantage. The patio table is set with white dishes, stemless wine glasses and kitchen towels instead of cloth napkins. Everything has that easy mix and match vibe, so I can concentrate on other things like food.

Yes, I do like buying kitchen towels to substitute for cloth napkins. They make a big statement, and no one’s afraid to get them dirty when eating BBQ.

The towels may look familiar because I used them in the chair back holiday decor post.


Kitchen towels make cute napkins especially for outdoor grilling.


Serving Trays

Most of my serving trays are multi functional. As far as I’m concerned that’s the best accessory to have on hand. Trays are in practically every room of the house and believe me, they do get used. Trays come in handy especially when entertaining. I like using them when serving appetizers or for a portable mini bar setup.

Trays also make clean up a breeze by cutting down on trips to and from the patio. Just load them up and move them out.

If you have a tray that has seen better days, just cover it with a cloth napkin or towel for a festive touch.


Serving trays are a must for patio entertaining.



We usually have wine, beer or sparkling water on hand, which is a cinch to serve on short notice. Remember the whole idea of entertaining is to enjoy your guests. I love when guests feel at home and don’t mind pitching in. There’s always someone willing to open a bottle of wine and pour for me, which is so helpful.


Outdoor space great for patio entertaining.


Comfortable Seating

Our outdoor seating is not as comfy as the family sofa, so I like adding outdoor pillows to the patio chairs. Pillow are also a clever way to add colors or patterns to a bland patio. I picked these lumbar pillows up last year on clearance, with just this in mind. As long as the mosquitos leave us alone, we can sit out here for hours.


Keep patio seating comfortable with outdoor pillows.


Background music

Music is not just for entertainment, it also mellows city and neighborhood noises. It’s as if we’ve created our own little oasis on the patio. With handy bluetooth speakers we can listen to all of our favorite tunes with ease.


Bluetooth speakers for fun patio entertainment.


Just for fun and a touch of whimsy, I tied a couple of red, white and blue buntings underneath the umbrella. I made these last year from bandanas. They make me feel like I’m celebrating the 4th of July all summer!

If you are nervous about entertaining just remember to be yourself. Use your imagination to incorporate what you have on hand and add to your entertaining supplies as you go.


Red, white and blue bunting is a fun patio decoration all summer long.

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Five tips for easy patio entertaining from Thistle Key Lane.


Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed my simplified version of patio entertaining.



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