Peach, orange and yellow ranunculus with Dianthus and eucalyptus.

Easy Fall Decor With Flowers And Pumpkins

Finding Ranunculus and Dahlias only a few feet from each other at the market inspired my easy fall decor with flowers and pumpkins. I just can’t get enough of these color combinations, so I’m carrying them into my fall decor to brighten up my home.

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Orange, yellow and peach flowers set the stage on the coffee table.


In the post Transitioning From Summer To Fall Home Tour, I shared how I added warm wood tones to the family room. Now I’ve added that extra layer of fall color to mingle with the earthy browns.


Update coffee table with colorful flowers, books and wood tones.


Easy Fall Decor With Flowers And Pumpkins

Have you noticed how popular Dahlias are this year? Or maybe I’m just late to the party and they have always been this popular. They’re in almost every home magazine I’ve looked at this fall and in so many gorgeous colors. I even spied faux Dahlias stems the other day in pastel colors that I’m thinking hard about buying.


Decorate for fall with flowers and pumpkins.


For this arrangement, I picked white Dahlias because they seemed like the perfect backdrop to show off the soft peach, orange and yellow Ranunculus. Once I had the flowers arranged I filled in with eucalyptus stems.

When it comes to floral arrangements I’m still a novice. I finally stopped rearranging the flowers when one started loosing its petals. I’m only mentioning this because I hear people say all the time they can’t arrange flowers. Of course every arrangement is a little different but here are a few tips that might help with these flowers.

Flower Arranging Tips

  • Create a grid like a hashtag with clear tape on the top of the vase
  • Group the largest flowers together
  • Add smaller flowers in random color groups
  • Last add groups of greenery to fill in spaces


White pumpkins lined up on the mantel with green vines.


My first haul of pumpkins was mostly for the front porch but I also grabbed a bunch of mini white pumpkins and little yellow striped ones too. Still waiting for green pumpkins to show up at the market and then I’ll be all set.


Gray rug looks beautiful with wood tones.


The biggest change to the room and just in time for fall is a new rug. I must have looked at a hundred rugs before deciding, and I still wasn’t completely sure I order the right one until it was in the room.


White mantel with pumpkins, vines and a leaf garland.


I love the dramatic difference this rug has made in the room. It’s as if the new rug was the missing link. The time-worn look of the pattern and the faded areas where the colors of the medallion designs overlap give the room a more casual look then I had before.


Fall accents with flowers and pumpkins.

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Colorful flowers and bright pumpkins for easy fall decor.


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Thank you for stopping by for ideas on easy fall decor with flowers and pumpkins. I’m really enjoying this relaxed style this year but there’s always room for more pumpkins. Right?!


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34 thoughts on “Easy Fall Decor With Flowers And Pumpkins

  1. barbaramantelandtablecom says:

    Oh your flower arrangement is gorgeous Michelle! I LOVE those colors, and it has such a lovely shape – stunning! I’m glad dahlias are in fashion. I’ve always loved them since I was a child and got to play in my grandma’s garden! They were almost as tall as I was! 🙂 Thanks for the great inspiration!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Hi Barbara, dahlias are an old fashioned favorite of mine as well. Thank you so much for your sweet comments. You made my day!

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