Winter Decorating Ideas

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. The holidays were a joyous time for us, and I’m always a little sad to see them slow down. Right now I’m getting the house organized and working on some winter decorating ideas starting with the family room.

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To me winter decorating is all about creating a welcoming retreat by pulling in those elements that say, “let’s get cozy”. Here’s a short list of what I used in the family room to warm up the space.


Winter Decorating Ideas



You may be thinking the throw blankets and pillows makes sense, but why glass bottles? On the days when we have even just a little sunshine, the glass bottles reflect light and brighten up the room so much. If you have mirrors, they will do the same thing especially in the middle of winter.



The bottles also have the same cheerful green and blue colors as the art work which I wanted to repeat in the room.

During some of my down time over the last couple of weeks I painted more book covers and updated some wooden candlesticks too.



I wanted to display the candlesticks together on the mantel for something structural, plus I just like their shapes. To make them coordinate a little better I sanded the shorter dark gray candlestick and applied Cerusing wax from A Makers’ Studio with a dry brush.

After working the wax into the crevices, I let it set or cure for about 30 minutes to an hour, then used a clean cotton cloth to buff off some of the wax to create a soft muted luster.


Candlestick on the mantel.


I also applied Cerusing wax to the tall candlesticks as well.  I didn’t necessarily want them to match, but they do coordinate better than they did before. They now have a soft aged patina, which is something you might find in an upscale boutique.

I’m still tweaking the mantel and plan on adding a plant or orchid to finish the look. The candlesticks add a structural element to the mantel that I really like. I’m wondering if I should add candles. What do you think?


Leather sofa with cosy pillow, throw blanket and sleeping dog.


On the books I used some of my favorite paint colors such as Little Black Dress and  a Southern Gentleman from A Makers’ Studio. If you would like to see all the products click on A Makers’ Studio. For a tutorial, see the post How To Paint Book Covers.

My poinsettias are still thriving but were moved to other containers so I could repurpose the French style metal box. I love the gray metal and how well it looks on the coffee table. It now holds few books, a glass bottle and a boxwood wreath for greenery.


Metal box holding books and a wreath.


Like the candlesticks, I also modified the French metal box by painting over the red trim that outlined the top edge and corners. Now I have a one of a kind container that blends in better with my decor.

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Winter decorating with glass bottles and greenery.


Can you guess who called dibs on the chair next to the fireplace with the awesome throw? Yep it was me!

This is going to be a great year and I’m so glad I have you to share it with. I’m in the process of planning and scheduling decorating projects, so let me know what you want to see more of this year. Leave a comment for me, I love hearing from you.


For more winter decorating ideas see How To Create A Cozy Winter Bedroom.

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29 thoughts on “Winter Decorating Ideas

  1. Cindy says:

    Michelle, I love your winter decorating tips!! Especially using glass as extra reflection during the dreary winter months! Happy and Blessed New Year to you!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you Cindy! I loved how you displayed your glass bottles that you shared on IG and blown away with the tag on IG as well. Thank you sweet friend!

  2. Crissy @ First Day of Home says:

    I love your clean and fresh aesthetic, Michelle! I always walk away with ideas from your posts. The candlesticks turned out so well! I’m trying to repurpose old items this year and get creative, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you so much Crissy. Every time I finish a project like the candlesticks, I start looking around for something else to update. It never ends lol!

  3. landrybaby says:

    Michelle, I feel cozy just looking at the pictures of your lovely winter family room. It’s just enough, not too much and very welcoming. The wax treatment you gave to your candlesticks unites them so beautifully with your mantle piece and the books; how special. Thanks for sharing your tips (I’m stealing a couple) and inviting us into your home.

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Hi Julith, thank you so much for your sweet comments, and I’m thrilled that you can use some of my decorating tips. Have a great weekend!

  4. ritajoy says:

    Michelle, your home looks so cozy and comfy. I wish I could come on over and share a cup of coffee and chat with you! Thanks so much for stopping by our Homestyle Gathering link party and sharing your inspiration with all of us!

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