Budget Friendly Baby Shower Ideas

I’m so excited to be sharing photos of an extra special baby shower that I helped with a few months ago. I’m also sharing my budget friendly baby shower ideas that you might want to consider for your next party.

This was an extra special shower because the mom-to-be was my daughter, Andrea, and the hostesses were two of her friends, who like her, are also Navy wives.


Silver pitcher holding flowers, crystal baby bootie and book pages.


The logistics were a little tricky because my daughter and son-in-law are now back in Texas, while her friends are still located on the east coast. When her friends asked if they could host a shower in my home I was thrilled to put it mildly.

There’s nothing like the bond between Navy wives. Her friends were not going to let distance prevent them from giving her a baby shower.


Party tablescape with food on trays and a flower centerpiece.


While the hostesses took care of ordering and mailing invitations, I got the house ready. Then on the day of the shower, we all pitched in with the food prep and added the finishing touches to the serving trays.

The mom-to-be requested a simple shower so she could relax and enjoy her time visiting with family and friends. We kept the decorations to a minimum, concentrating on the main table. Even though she knew she was expecting a boy, she wanted a ladies party, so I pulled out the china and polished the silver.

DIY Flower Arrangements

I always look forward to creating my own flower arrangements for parties or special occasions. Keep in mind, an arrangement from a florist might cost twice to three times as much as a DIY flower arrangement.

If you have to use a florist, take your own vases or bowls. I did that long before I started making my own arrangements and it saved on the overall cost.


Book page table runner, stacked plates, cake stands and pretty food.


Make Your Own Decorations

If you were following me last fall you might remember I created this book page table runner specificity for the shower. If you missed it, get the details by clicking on the post DIY Book Page Table runner.

The book page table runner with stacks of books went along with a suggestion on the invitations for guests to bring a book for the baby instead of a card. Love this idea!

We also opted out of buying paper goods such as plates and napkins which was an unnecessary expense. Instead I used a mix of cloth napkins, china in three patterns, and silverware. Nothing matched but everything looked pretty mixed together. For more ideas, see the Afternoon Tea Set Up post from last year.


Silver trays loaded with scones and mini chicken salad puff pastry.


Forget The Caterer

When at all possible make your own party food. There are so many simple appetizers and desserts that can be frozen weeks a head of time or prepared the day before and assembled right before guests arrive.

Here’s a list of what we served at the baby shower.

  • Mini spiced bunt cakes with maple sauce
  • Lemon scones
  • Cucumbers rounds with herb cream cheese
  • Apple and pear slices with Brie and prosciutto
  • Herb chicken salad on puff pastry
  • Pimento cheese on fancy crackers

We splurged on the macaroons, but when the expectant mom has cravings you have to indulge her. 😊


Macaroons in a silver and glass dish.


The shower was mid-morning, so we served mimosas along with sparkling water, tea and coffee. Not surprising the mimosas were a big hit. This was a fun group!

Skip The Party Favors

Put your time and energy into creating a beautiful table instead of buying or making favors. Your guests are more likely to remember and appreciate the details of the shower more than the favors.


Cake stands holding mini bundt cakes.


No Games

Women are experts at creating their own entertaining chatter and laughter, so let the party flow . This will save money on buying prizes.

One exception is if you’re having a couples shower which might include a meal and last longer. This is when the friendly competition between the men or couples can be extremely entertaining.


Silver pitcher with white, yellow and purple flowers.


Use What You Have

Nothing on the table matched which in my opinion added to the charm of the tablescape. I used a variety of silver, mismatched cake stands and white ceramic platters which were different shapes. For an eclectic addition, I used floral frogs as card holders for the descriptions.

I’ve learned to take an inventory of what I have before buying anything and borrow from friends or family as necessary.



With the excitement of guests arriving, I only had time to take photos of the main table but I think you can get a feel of how lovely the shower turned out.

Thank you for letting me share this happy event with you, and I hope you can use some of these ideas for showers or parties your planning.



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14 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Baby Shower Ideas

  1. Diane Layman says:

    I attended this baby shower and it was truly beautiful and the food was amazing. The selection of the silver and dishes were placed perfectly, making it easily accessible. We all had a wonderful time and the mom to be was stunning.

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you so much Diane. Andrea was thrilled with the shower and enjoyed catching with everyone so much. I’m so happy you were there to share the special occasion with us!

  2. Barbara at Mantel and Table says:

    This is just lovely Michelle! And what a fabulous idea to ask for books for the baby, AND to use books in the decoration! The table is so fun, and Baby is going to love all those wonderful stories! Books are the best! 💙

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      I used to think planning parties was the most fun. However this one was extra special and such a joy watching everyone have a good time.

  3. Janet R Lorusso says:

    Love this! The book page table runner and stacks of books is so charming as table decor and I’m a huge fan of mix and match…so much more personal and interesting! What a lovely event! And congratulations on your new grandson!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      My daughter requested a simple party and said it was just as she had envisioned. That’s when I knew it was a success.

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