Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas

Simple fall home decor ideas around here start with little bits of color and texture. This is my way of easing into fall and giving our home all the cozy feels of the changing season.

Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas - Neutral sofa and ottoman with fall accessories.


Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas - wicker tray with books, a cloche with flowers and a pumpkin.


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The living room is ready for a few changes starting in the center of the room with the ottoman. It’s one of my favorite spots to decorate with stacks of books, sometimes a plant, or a tray of some kind. For more ideas click on How To Style An Ottoman.


Cloche with dried sunflowers in French vintage jar.


Simple Fall Vignettes

I love this wicker tray because it adds interesting texture and it’s wide enough to hold stacks of books. Think of it as a stage for a vignette.


Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas - Iron keys on a book.


An oval cloche protecting a vintage French vinegar jar and dried sunflowers creates a kind of still-life. See how that little bit of yellow brightens up the space? That’s what I mean when I refer to simple fall home decor. It’s a way of incorporating what you have to reflect the season.


Yellow and white pumpkin on stack of books with vintage wood moulding.


Other additions to the wicker tray add color and interest too. I like including vintage pieces such as the stack of iron keys and the scrap of wood moulding.

Add Some Plaid

This week I switched to a plaid pillow cover on the wing back chair, but the other pillows are staying the same. The vintage Persian rug is quite a statement piece, so I balance the busy pattern by keeping the sofa neutral.


Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas - white wingback chair with dark plaid pillow.


Of course that doesn’t mean I can’t add a plaid throw. There’s no such thing as too many throws or plaid patterns. I shudder to think of fall without plaid. Don’t you?


Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas - French grain sack pillow and a plaid throw.


Cozy plaid throws in a small picnic basket are just waiting for chilly nights.


Stack of plaid throws in a picnic basket.


Switch Out Artwork Or Accessories

The secretary desk is always a fun place to add seasonal changes. It was converted to a liquor cabinet earlier this year, but I still have room to add a piece of artwork and some dried lavender. I love the these bright colors, mixed with the warm wood tones of the desk.


Vintage Dundee jar holding dried lavender.


Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas - sunflower watercolor on a desk.


For some reason sunflowers are really getting my attention this year. I’m having fun experimenting with watercolors which you may have caught on IG. Sunflowers were also in my Willow Basket Door Arrangement post. If you’re looking for fall front door inspiration start there.


Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas - Secretary desk with seasonal fall decor.


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Thank you so much for stopping by for my simple fall home decor ideas.



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16 thoughts on “Simple Fall Home Decor Ideas

  1. barbaramantelandtablecom says:

    Lovely simple touches Michelle – I love your plaids and sunflowers. And you made me wonder if I need to make a liquor cabinet out of my secretary too! 🙂

  2. Candace says:

    Michelle, I love your style so much! I could scroll through your blog all day. Such a brilliant idea to bring in dried sunflowers! (Grabs pruning shears and heads outside…)

  3. geniussr says:

    those are great and simple fall decorating ideas… I love em especially that wicker tray arrangement look so cool… I also shared few ideas on my blog too.. thanks for sharing. … ❤️

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