Grapevine used on a cup rack.

Decorating Ideas That Transition Into Fall

Hello friends, I’m back this week to help you get ready for fall. Maybe I should say, get ready to transition into fall since the hot temperatures seem to be never-ending. If you’re like me and not in full pumpkin mode yet, then I have some decorating ideas to get you started.

A collage of decorating ideas that transition into fall

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Time to gather free fall printable

Time To Gather Free Fall Printable

September is almost here and it’s time to gather your fall decor. To help you get started I have a  free fall printable just for you.  This talented squirrel is gathering acorns three at a time.

The vignette on my kitchen counter began by placing the squirrel print on a cutting board and securing it with cotton string. It’s a simple alternative to using a clip board. Then I added white dishes, a wreath and a mixture of flowers from the garden and the grocery store.

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Bias tape pined around fabric

How To Make An Ironing Board Cover

Ironing may not be my favorite household chore but it’s somewhere on my top five list. I think of ironing as a repetitive activity requiring little concentration, therefore I can watch a movie while ironing and be completely engrossed. Win-win!

My old ironing board cover was looking worn and a little stained, but the bigger problem was the pad underneath. After a few years of use, the foam pad was deteriorating. I decided to make a new cover with fabric that I had on hand and reused parts from the old cover. Continue reading

Use your secretary for a mini office.

5 Ways To Style A Secretary

Hope your week is off to a great start. Today, I have five ways to style a secretary that I think you will love. As you scroll through the photos, you’ll see that the upper shelves of this vintage secretary are now full of books I collected from around the house. It’s great having them organized in one place since we don’t have bookshelves in our home. The books also make a pretty backdrop to styling the secretary.

Over the years I’ve decorated the secretary for holidays, with everything from nutcrackers to pumpkins. Now I have a few more decorating options depending on the time of year and entertaining needs. Continue reading

Organizing flatwear

Organizing A Kitchen

Have you ever wondered where bloggers get their ideas? Well some of mine are highly planned and some just happen. Today’s post Organizing A Kitchen, started yesterday when I declared war on the kitchen junk drawer. The before photo is a bit embarrassing, but hey I’m not perfect even on my best day. Shocking I know!

Cluttered junk drawer.

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Pretty displays with baskets

Media Cabinet With Storage Potential

I’m usually pretty observant when it comes to decorating and storage opportunities. However, the media cabinet with storage potential was a total miss. Staring me in the face were shelves with only a few stacks of books. What’s even more ridiculous was that I had not updated the shelves, other than swapping out books, since we bought the media cabinet and flat screen TV a few years ago. Continue reading