Mini Indian Corn Wreath

When fall rolls around, some decorate the house from top to bottom, and some of us are happy with a touch or two here and there. If you are looking for an easy way to welcome fall, try a wreath. Have you ever made a mini indian corn wreath? This was the first time for me, and it was simple to make. 

Mini Indian Corn and white pumpkins

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I’m thinking the mini Indian corn wreath will eventually make its way to the front door. Until then, I’m having fun experimenting with different looks on the kitchen table. This one turned out pretty cute.

Supplies To Make A Mini Indian Corn Wreath

The Indian corn ears I picked up at the local market were tied in bundles of three. So the first thing I did was separate the ears and then dampened the corn husks with a little bit of water using a spray bottle.

It only takes a little water to soften the corn husks in order to straighten them out. You don’t have to do this but I think the husk look better.

Once the corn husks were dry, I secured a piece of floral wire between the top of the ear of corn and the husk on each one.

Next I attached the ears of corn, one at a time to the wreath hoop, twisting the wire tight while slightly overlapping each one. I bought eighteen of the Indian corn but ended up using only fourteen.

A wreath this size could hold more ears of corn depending on the size of the corn and the thickness of the husks. The sizes of mini Indian corn usually range between three and six inches.

The last step was clipping the long strands of wire with wire cutters. Ready to hang on the door for instant fall decor.


Mini Indian corn in charcoal rust gold.


If you like this look, think of other things that could be placed in the center of a wreath to create a vignette.

  • Flowers arrangement
  • Group of candles
  • Large hurricane candle holder
  • Basket of apples
  • One large pumpkin

For more Indian Corn ideas check out the post Indian Corn Centerpiece.


Mini Indian corn wreath with white pumpkins on a kitchen table.


When I think about setting a table with an interesting centerpiece, I think of how much fun it is to see all the little details and colors up close. It’s entertaining for kids to examine, and a good reminder for the rest of us, that the beauty in nature is perfectly imperfect.

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Mini Indian corn wreath with a white background.


Thank you for stopping by today. If you make a mini Indian corn wreath now,  you can enjoy it all the way through Thanksgiving. Food for thought. Happy Fall!


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23 thoughts on “Mini Indian Corn Wreath

  1. Jennifer Baker says:

    Very clever wreath, Michelle! I really like the texture of corn husks and they are quite helpful with covering the wreath form 😉

  2. Carrie at Curly Crafty Mom says:

    Just love this neutral and simple wreath for the Fall! I just love wreaths, I did a whole 12 Months of Wreaths series last year. 🙂


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