DIY Christmas Gift Tags And Easy Wrapping

Ready for some DIY Christmas gift tags and easy wrapping solutions? Great because that’s what I’m sharing today. I didn’t have a chance to make any gifts this years, so the least I could do is make simple gift tags. Just a little something that expresses the made with love touch.

Ticking gift boxes with DIY Christmas gift tags.


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All my Christmas decorating this year has been rather understated. Sometimes it’s to save money but mostly it’s to slow down and and just enjoy the season. It’s the old “less is more” idea and it’s working for me.


DIY Christmas Gift Tags And Easy Wrapping with gift boxes.


Now I’m carrying that less is more theme over to gift wrapping as well. This post may be late in the season for the super ambitious gift wrappers who already have their gifts tucked under the tree. If that’s the case, be sure to pin these ideas for a little inspiration for next year.

Do these tags look familiar? Yep, they’re the same tags that we have on this year’s advent calendar. To view the post click on How To Make An Advent Calendar.

DIY Christmas Gift Tags And Easy Wrapping

Supplies For Tags

As a crafter I’m rather behind the times, since this is my first letter stamping project. My stamping is far from perfect, but I’m having fun playing around with them. I’m hoping that my perfectly imperfect style will be endearing to all who have a gift under the tree.


DIY Christmas Gist Tags Using Stamps


One thing I like about creating DIY tags, is being able to stamp whatever word or name I wish. I’m keeping a little stash of these tags to use after Christmas for hostess gifts, Valentine’s Day or birthday gifts.


Gift tags stamped with Noel, Joy and Peace.


Easy Wrapping Solution

If you’re like me you barely have time to finish your shopping list much less get everything wrapped. In truth I really love to wrap gifts, but sometimes I don’t have the luxury of time in trying to make each one look pretty.


Black ticking stripe box with green ribbon and Noel gift tag.


This year I’m totally cheating with gift boxes that don’t have to be wrapped. It took practically no time at all to load up these boxes and secure them with ribbon. Since I’m using red and black ticking stripe boxes I went with green grosgrain ribbon.

It’s so much easier making all the gifts look alike and I love the display under the tree. The ticking stripes coordinate well with sparkly ornaments and green plaid bows. For a closer look at the tree, see my post Tips On Decorating A Christmas Tree.


Black ticking stripe box with green ribbon and Joy gift tag.


I plan on reusing the boxes for gifts next year, and may also use them for storing small decorations. When it’s time to take down the Christmas tree I’m thinking about using some of the boxes to reorganize ornaments. How’s that for double duty?


Christmas tree with ticking stripe gift boxes.


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DIY Christmas Gift Tags And Easy Wrapping Solutions


Thanks so much for letting me share my home with you this year. I truly appreciate your all your comments and encouragement. Wishing you the best the holiday season has to offer!




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