Tips On Decorating A Christmas Tree

Everyone needs tips on decorating a Christmas tree now and then, especially if you have a new type of tree. I’m so excited to have our new artificial spruce tree up early, which creates a great opportunity to share some of my tips with you.


Tips On Decorating A Christmas Tree


When decorating a tree, I not only want it to look pretty from all sides but also balanced. Here are my top five tips on decorating a Christmas tree that work every time.

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Christmas Tree Collar

I love using a simple tree collar instead of a tree skirt. For some reason it just looks better in our home with our wood floors. The only problem it that, some trees don’t have thick enough branches at the bottom to completely hide the space inside the collar.



My solution is placing an artificial pine wreath on top of the tree stand, inside the collar before the tree is assembled. That way all you see is greenery instead of the stand or the inside of the collar.

Well I forgot to do that this year, and didn’t realize my mistake until the tree was assembled and half decorated. My newest solution is using a six foot basic pine garland to wrap around the base to hide the stand. Not quite as ingenious but it works!

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Have you noticed how big ornaments have become over the last few years? It seems like the bigger the better, but I sill adore our smaller vintage looking ornaments that I can place towards the top of the tree.  The larger ornaments look best in the middle and lower sections on the bigger branches. It’s all about balance.

Many of the artificial spruce trees like ours have spaces between the branches where I like to wedge larger pieces. These open spaces are perfect for the glitter house ornaments I made last year and the newer sparkly snowflakes.



I also decorate the back of the tree as well. Maybe not as much as the front but I do like see ornaments through the tree at different levels and from the side.

When decorating with sets of ornaments, I try to space them evenly around the tree so I don’t have two like things next to each other.

Remember you can update ornaments by simply repainting them. I painted the vintage looking cone ornaments with silver spray paint several years ago and they look so much better.



Ornament Hangers Or Hooks

What about ornament hangers or hooks? Yes I still find old paperclips turned into hangers in the holiday storage boxes, but I like to think I’ve improved my game. The S shape hooks look so much better and make the most ordinary ornaments seem special.



Ribbons And Bows

Don’t you love a pretty Christmas tree decked out with ribbons or bows? My mom always used red bows, but I usually go with plaid wire ribbon to make bows. I use two big bows at the top of tree,  and smaller bows nestled on branches or tucked into strategic spots.




Bows are perfect for hiding cords, plugs and in some cases the tree trunk.

There’s nothing fancy about these bows. I simply fold the ribbon and twist floral wire in the center to hold it together. The wire doesn’t show and there’s no wasted ribbon.



Making The Christmas Tree Part Of The Room

There are two ways of making a Christmas tree part of the room. First, I use similar colors found in the room, and second, I decorate the surrounding areas to coordinate with the tree.



You can see a sneak peek of the mantel I’m working on with lots of silver and mercury glass. Another beaded garland is attached to the abstract painting to the left of the tree with clear hooks. I could have removed the painting, but decided to make it part of the holiday decorations.


Tips On Decorating A Christmas Tree


The surrounding holiday decor is simple, adding to the beauty of the tree without competing with it.

I looking forward to share more of the room in the coming weeks. For now I’ll give you a short list of links to shop this look.

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Tips On Decorating A Christmas Tree


Are you ready to decorate your Christmas tree? I’m always interested in hearing about themes. Let me know what you favorite theme of tree is.




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6 thoughts on “Tips On Decorating A Christmas Tree

  1. Rita C. says:

    I love it! We have downsized this year and I have always used the traditional red and green, but wanted to go with the green & blue tartan. Thank you for the source!

  2. Julie Briones says:

    Your tree looks lovely, Michelle. I’m going with a tree collar for the first time this year. I’m looking forward to it. Can’t wait to see your whole mantel!

  3. Pat M. says:

    I thought you had “downsized” to a table top tree. I recall a post that gave me inspiration to do just that. Now you make me want to go full size again.

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      For a couple of years we passed on the “big tree” due to a very active puppy, but normal decorating has resumed. I still love table top trees!

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