How To Make An Advent Calendar

Today I’m sharing how to make an advent calendar. I know you’re thinking it’s too early but you’ll want to gather your supplies to have your calendar ready to go December 1. This whimsical advent calendar will help your family count down, with a special holiday activity each day. The best part is that you can tailor the activities to fit your family’s busy schedule.


How To Make An Advent Calendar using tags.


This merry little calendar comes together quickly using craft supplies that you may already have on hand. You’ll also want to view my DIY Chalkboard Advent Calendar With Activities to decide which one you like best.


How To Make An Advent Calendar with activities for the family.

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How To Make An Advent Calendar

Here’s a list of supplies I used for the project with shopping link suggestions.

  1. Start by wrapping red and white string tightly around a chalkboard or empty frame vertically or horizontally.
  2. Using a chalk paint marker number tags 1 through 24 or 25.
  3. On the back of each tag write the activity of the day and add string or embroidery thread to each tag.
  4. Add stickers to the tags on the front or back for festive color.
  5. Using mini clothespins hang tags to string in a random order spacing as you like.
  6. Last step is adding fun trinkets, bows or ribbon for a touch of whimsy.



Tags for Christmas crafts.


I love decorating this little chalkboard for holidays for two reasons. First of all decorations and garlands really pop with the dark background of the chalkboard. Second, the size is perfect for this busy passthrough area next to the kitchen and eating areas so it gets a lot of views.


How To Make An Advent Calendar


Navy wall with advent calendar.


This is a great project for the kids to help with especially finding trinkets to tie on the calendar. If I had Lego characters, matchbox cars or mini action figures, you bet they would have found their way on there. Instead I found some mini Santas, bottle brush trees, jingle bells and a polar bear. Random I know!


How To Make An Advent Calendar using a chalkboard.


When creating a list of activities think of things that will pull the family together and have fun. We all know how quickly the holidays rush by to grab those opportunities to make merry with your loved ones. Below is a list of activities from last year with a few updates.


  • Make hot cocoa from scratch
  • Go shopping and people watch
  • Build a snowman
  • Watch a classic Christmas movie
  • Tacky Christmas sweater day
  • Drink eggnog
  • Take a long walk in the park
  • Make Christmas Cookies
  • Pizza night
  • Drive around looking at Christmas lights
  • Read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
  • Watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Shop for stocking stuffers
  • Make Chex mix
  • Read A Christmas Carol
  • Make a popcorn garland
  • Roast marshmallows
  • Make a charitable donation
  • Dinner out
  • Hang Christmas Stockings
  • Go sledding
  • Open one gift early
  • Make handmade Christmas ornaments
  • Go ice-skating
  • Watch a Christmas parade
  • Work on a big jigsaw puzzle


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How To Make An Advent Calendar with simple craft supplies.





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6 thoughts on “How To Make An Advent Calendar

  1. Julie Briones says:

    You always come up with the most clever ideas. Using tags for an advent calendar and adding embellishments is a great way to ring in the new season!

  2. Janet R Lorusso says:

    This is ADORABLE! I did an advent calendar every year when my kids were young…i even sent advent calendars to them in college, but this is so creative! I love the ideas you’ve listed too – what fun! Best wishes for a very merry season!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      What a cute idea to send advent calendars to the kids in college. Wish I had thought of that! Have a great week Janet!

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