Winter Bedroom With Holiday Greenery

Decorating a winter bedroom with holiday greenery is a first for me, but I’m loving everything about it. I think this may become a new tradition, and maybe next year, I’ll even add a tree. The thing is, Christmas seems to come and go so fast, that I want to find more ways to enjoy the season just a little bit more.


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Cold temperatures hit us earlier than normal this year, so I already have the down comforter on the bed along with a new duvet cover. I usually don’t pull out the big covers until January.

Winter Bedroom With Plaid

So Merry Christmas to me and the husband a little early with a very handsome plaid duvet cover and matching shams. Here’s another plaid one similar to mine.


Cozy Winter Bedroom With Holiday Greenery


Ticking & Plaid Winter Bedroom With Holiday Greenery


In the south we always think of dressing in layers and the same goes for bedding. If and when the white flax linen quilt wears out I’m getting another one just like it. This one is perfect weight for our crazy fluctuating day to night temperatures.

I thought about removing the ticking slip cover for winter, but I love the blue ticking stripe and navy plaid combination. Having fabric on the headboard also adds to the coziness of the bedroom. Along with ticking I also love grain sack pillow covers and this one blends in perfectly!

Winter Bedroom With Holiday Greenery

I think it must be the new bedding that motivated me to add the few extra embellishments. Do you decorate your bedroom for holidays or just seasons changes?


Navy Plaid & Ticking For A Vintage Bedroom



Resting on the top of the head board are two preserved boxwood garlands. That bright green shows up so well with the ticking head board slipcover. To see the project click on Headboard Slipcover.

By switching out one of the plates above the bed for a boxwood wreath the holiday greenery is complete. See nothing overboard just a little bit of festive holiday color.

So far the husband likes it too. Yep I’m really thinking a Christmas tree in the master bedroom will become a new tradition as well. There’s nothing like planning a year ahead.


Winter Bedroom With Holiday Greenery With Vintage Accents


Winter Bedroom With Holiday Greenery With A Touch Of Plaid


A little pop of green and red are on my night stand too. The sweet petite point Christmas wreath box is a treasured gift I enjoying displaying each year. The top of the box has 2400 stitches per inch. Mind blowing I know!



I also have the book, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It’s a favorite of mine that I look forward to reading every year.

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Winter Bedroom With Holiday Greenery And Plaid


Thank you for letting me share my ideas. Stay cozy my friends!




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2 thoughts on “Winter Bedroom With Holiday Greenery

  1. paulaspring says:

    I loved the fresh appeal of the greenery above the bed. The plaid gave it such a warm element. I thought lots of people should visit your site. I made sure I posted it to my new Pinterest board. I called it “Favored Blogs.” Yours is the first!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you so much for pinning! You have just made my day and I appreciate your thoughtful comments very much. Have a great weekend!

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