Curvy Chair Slipcover

The first project for 2016 was supposed to be a snap, or in this case a zip.  I was going to whip up a slip cover within a couple of hours, but chairs are hard; especially chairs with lots of curves. Of course, I made it more complicated by attempting to make a slipcover reminiscent of a form-fitting cocktail dress. Alas, the finished slipcover by all appearances is more appropriate for a casual afternoon tea. Story of my life.


The Chair


Side view


The charming chair sitting at my desk was intended to be a temporary solution until I could find an industrial type swivel stool. Well, months later I’m still using the temporary solution.  If the past is any indication of the future, it looks like chair is here to stay.  Wanting to protect the paint finish was my motivation to make a slipcover with a fashionable zipper running up the back.


Front View of Slip Cover


By the time I pinned, cut, re-pinned, and muttered a few expletives (luckily no one was home…not that anyone’s presence would have stopped me), I figured out how to cover the curvy chair. The final slip cover is composed of four sections; the seat, the seat back, a wrap-around skirt covering the front legs and the zippered back panel.


Back view at the desk


Curvy back


Most sections came together easily, however the seat back was the most tricky.  I added photos of the pinned sections to show how it all came together.


Pinning seat and seat back panels


After viewing this photo, I realized the seat needed lining because the striped ticking was visible.  Discovering this before the skirt was stitched in place was a relief. I like sharing little things like this because it is all part of the trial and error process.


Attaching the skirt


Side view of the seat back


Connecting the back and front


Fitted look with a dart on each side


Sunny view


The zippered back is by far the best feature of the slip cover. Tea with a bit of rum, anyone?


Back view




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3 thoughts on “Curvy Chair Slipcover

  1. Terry says:

    WOW! I think you did a great job on this chair! My favorite is the back too … great fabric to give this pizzaz 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

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