Curb Appeal at Thistle Key Lane

Last Saturday’s project was improving the curb appeal, focusing on the front door.  First I had to pick out the paint.  My imagination was in over drive looking at paint samples at Sherwin Williams.  However, the second I saw the paint sample of Iron Ore, my mind was made up.  The color reminded me of the big iron keys I have on my blog…need I say more.  The sophisticated softness of the color complements our house better than the black high gloss paint we had before.



The last time I painted, I had the front door open and I was terrorized by a ground hornet. Somehow I did a back flip with a half twist off the ladder ending up on the floor ducking  and covering my head. When I was brave enough to stand up, I realized I had swung the paint bucket in an arch getting black paint on the living room carpet, barely missing a chair.

I’m happy to report we do not have ground hornets this year, not yet anyway.  Don’t worry about the carpet, it was a latex base paint and came out after an hour of shampooing.


Lantern style light fixture

Lantern style light fixture




Once again, I painted with the front door open in order to get all the edges covered.  Then I took my step-ladder to the front porch and resumed painting the rest of the door and the surrounding wood work. I know the experts would take the door off the hinges but I have found that as long as you paint in the direction of the wood grain it will turn out perfect.


Plants add additional curb appeal to the freshly painted door

Plants add additional curb appeal to the freshly painted door


Next project will be adding new house numbers to the front door.  Please stop by again you are always welcome!



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