Fairy lights, mercury glass and pinecones.

Add Sparkle To Your Holiday With Simple Vignettes

Want to add sparkle to your holiday with simple vignettes? Here are three ways you can add that spark of warmth to your home right now, and enjoy the look all the way through Christmas. Let’s see how you can use these ideas to create a vignette with things you may already have on hand, or add to your seasonal shopping list.

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Mercury glass trees, pinecones and fairy lights on a metal tray.


Ideas For Creating Vignettes

When decorating a coffee table or ottoman think in terms of creating a vignette. One of the easiest ways to create a vignette is with a tray. Think of it as a small containment field, keeping your decor items from wondering all over your table.

Mercury Glass

A galvanized tray holds mercury glass trees, an antler and some pinecones nestled on the ottoman. To give it just a bit more sparkle, I wove LED string lights around the tray so that the sparkly light would bounce off the mercury glass.


Cozy throw on an ottoman and a sparkly tray.


I also add just a little bit of faux snow to soften the pinecones, and to add another layer of texture. Remember to use a variety of textures in you decor. Texture creates interest and that’s what the eye loves to see.

Mercury glass is pretty any time of year but I especially love it during the holidays. Looking for something more versatile? Then you may want to shop for mercury glass candle sticks, votive candle holders, bowls or vases.


On a round wood tray I used votive candles and pinecones nestle around an antler with a sprinkling of faux snow.  When creating a vignette think in terms of how opposites attract, such as a smooth wood tray, coarse texture of the pinecones, sparkle of the candles and the delicate illusion of snow.


Wood tray with pinecones, an antler and votive candles.


I love antlers and use them all the time in my decor for their masculine beauty. I found faux antlers that are very much like these on-line. You can also look for antler sheds in antique stores or antique malls.


Cozy setting with candles and a tray sitting on an ottoman. Neutral colors.


LED String Lights

Wreaths are fun and versatile used by themselves or in a grouping. I updated a wreath from last year with LED string lights. Now the wreath has a warm glow that shows off all its natural elements.

In case you missed the post, check out DIY Fall Wreath to see how you can make one too.


Natural wreath with unshelled nuts, acorn, pinecones and fairy lights.


The battery operated LED string lights are surprisingly inexpensive and even have a timer. It’s hard to resist their magical appeal.

For a more traditional vignette use a hurricane with candles in the center of the wreath.


Simple setting of books, a candle and a pinecone wreath sitting on an ottoman.


Books are always useful in decorating. I not only decorate with these books but refer to them when I need a spark of inspiration or ideas on how to look at something from a different perspective.

Of course we get ideas from all our media platforms, but there is something about holding a book that encourages the mind to explore and study.

Need ideas of what to do with your old books? See my post on How To Paint Book Covers.


A simple vignette with pinecones, mercury glass and fairy lights.


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Need More Ideas On How To Add Sparkle

  • Add glass ornaments to a crystal bowl
  • Embellish pinecones with glitter
  • Silver picture frames
  • Add shimmery greenery
  • Fill a vase with jingle bells
  • Use silver or gold leaf to decorate bowls or trays

This is your time to shine and sparkle. I hope you will enjoy every minute of your holiday season. Thank you so much for stopping by!



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