Secretary repurposed into a liquor cabinet.

Ideas For Liquor Cabinets

Thinking of ideas for liquor cabinets? Well, I have a couple of solutions that might help with that, since I just solved that problem in our house. Sometimes is just a matter of shifting things around and I’m great at moving stuff from one place to another. Continue reading

Curio Cabinet

Wavy glass and a skeleton key lock, are revered characteristics for an old hand-me-down curio cabinet. After repainting it, odd features popped out, such as the wonky door. Then there’s the skinny handle that doesn’t quite cover the hole carved out for the lock. I don’t mind that it has a few flaws. It’s like smile lines. I wouldn’t have them, if I were not surrounded by happy things that make me laugh.


Curio Cabinet Converted to Liquor Cabinet

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