Decorating Christmas In Plaid

Decorating Christmas In Plaid

Last Christmas, Angus was a wee puppy getting into whatever mischief he could reach.  If you know anything about wheaten terriers, you know they typically take at least three years to grow out of their insufferable puppy stage. I keep telling myself, one day he will become a great companion just like our Sandy. Until then, I’m keeping the decorating simple, which means no Christmas tree again this year. Instead I’m decorating Christmas in plaid with stockings, pillows, plates, napkins, ribbons and a bunting.

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Fresh Paint and Christmas Greetings

Decorating The Foyer For Christmas

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I took a few weeks off from blogging to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and to get the house organized. Things tend to get a wee bit chaotic when working full-time and trying to blog. I did manage to steal a few hours to watch Fixer Upper, paint the foyer and get a jump-start on Christmas decorating. Continue reading