Cane Chair Update | Thistle Key Lane

Cane Chair Rescue

While doing a quick reconnoiter through a local antique mall, I rescued a charming cafe chair with a cane seat. The finish on the chair however, was far from being considered charming.  After cleaning off the grime and painting the chair with Amy Howard One Step Paint in linen, I was faced with the question of what to do with the cane seat. Should I paint or leave the cane in its natural color? Continue reading

Update a lamp with paint

Redesigning A Brass Lamp

Whenever I redesign or repurpose accessories, the instant gratification becomes so rewarding, I find myself diving into the next project with reckless abandon. This week’s project was redesigning a brass lamp.  Since the lamp had a good shape, what I would call a classic urn, I thought it would be a good candidate for a makeover.

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