Create A Winter To Spring Entry Table

Today I’m sharing how to create a winter to spring entry table. The temperatures this time of year seem like they’re on a rollercoaster. One day it feels like spring and the next we have freezing rain in the forecast. It’s definitely a time of transitioning, so I might as well go along with the crazy weather and decorate accordingly.


Create A Winter To Spring Entry Table With Pine Cones And Flowers.


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How To Create A Winter To Spring Entry Table

The entry table is an easy spot for seasonal decorating. Keeping the large blue glass lamp, all I have to do is switch out a few large pieces to make room for a flower arrangement and wooden bowl of pine cones.


Create A Winter To Spring Entry Table with chart map for artwork.


On a recent junkin trip to the local antique mall, I found a vintage wooden dough bowl. I’ve been looking for one for ages. This one has lots of character, and even though I paid a bit more than I wanted, I knew it was a fair price.

Best shopping advise: It’s a hard lesson to learn but if you see something you really love buy it! There’s no guarantee it will be there the next time you shop.

Winter Pine Cones

Right now the dough bowl holds pine cones piled on top of an antler, adding lots of texture to the table. I use lots of pine cones all through fall and winter. Be sure to check out how I decorated with giant sugar pine cones in my post Winter Decorating Family Room Tour.


View of dough bowl with pine cones and antler.


Wooden bowls are all the rage right now and very handy for all kinds of arrangements. I’m looking forward to playing around with this one with seasonal changes or maybe I’ll  just leave it empty during the summer.


Wooden dough bowl with pine cones and antler.


Spring Like Flowers

I’ve been craving fresh flowers for weeks now. Luckily our grocery store did not disappoint and I found a huge variety of ranunculus and tulips. I can tell right now that once these tulips open they are going to be gorgeous.


How To Create A Winter To Spring Entry Table


Flowers bright a room like nothing else and do wonders chasing away those winter blues. The colors I picked are very spring like and also reflect the colors of the chart map hanging over the entry table.

Do you ever match the colors in your decor to coordinate with your artwork? I find myself doing that more and more. It’s a fun way to repeat a color you might want to highlight.


Create A Winter To Spring Entry Table featuring fresh flowers.

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Create A Winter To Spring Entry Table With Flowers and Dough Bowl Arrangement


Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you’ll try some of these ideas on transitional decorating.



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14 thoughts on “Create A Winter To Spring Entry Table

  1. Julie Briones says:

    Love the color coordinating with art tip. And those flowers are gorgeous! I just picked up some baby’s breath, mini pink carnation and bright pink St. John’s for my niece’s baby Minnie Mouse shower. The looked great!

  2. Cindy says:

    These flowers look beautiful! Love the colors and great tip about working with your artwork.

    I’m with you, see something you love buy it. May not be there next time.


    • Michelle Meyer says:

      I’m still sad about the French pot rack I didn’t buy on the spot at least 10 years ago. Went back the next day and it was gone. Live and learn!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you Linda! We are definitely somewhere in the middle of winter and spring here. Freezing rain just a few days ago and today back in the 60s. We just try to enjoy whatever comes our way.

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