Sazarac Cocktail Recipe

If you have a fondness for a traditional Old Fashion cocktail, then I’m betting you’ll want to try this Sazarac cocktail recipe. It’s the kind of drink to sip, savor and relish. Be sure to order one next time you’re in New Orleans, or test your bartending skills and make one yourself. Continue reading

Classic Deviled Egg Recipe With Toppings

Making a classic deviled egg recipe with toppings is only half the fun of this tasty appetizer. It’s hard to beat classic recipes, that’s why we keep returning to them time after time. Once you have the perfect recipe, then you can explore new ways to serve them with savory topping combinations. Continue reading

Eggnog Sauce Recipe

If you like eggnog then you will love this easy eggnog sauce recipe. This is a great last-minute recipe, or make it a few days ahead and keep in the fridge until you are ready to serve it. Eggnog sauce is in my secret stash of emergency recipes. It’s a versatile topper that can turn a plain dessert into something fabulous. Continue reading