Simple Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Vignette

If you like bottle brush trees, then this simple bottle brush Christmas tree vignette is sure to make you smile. It only takes about five minutes to assemble and it’s portable. Keep scrolling for my helpful tip of securing the trees, so you can move the vignette easily from counter to table or wherever.

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How To Make A Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Vignette

Supplies For Bottle Brush Vignette

Arrange bottle brush trees on a tray. Then using clear florist tape secure each tree to the tray by taping over the tree stand.



Regular tape will also work but florist tape is easy to remove and the narrow width easier to work with. Once the trees are secure, the tray can be moved without the arrangement toppling over.

Scatter faux snow over the base of the trees, then add a string of battery operated fairy lights.


Simple Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Vignette With Fairy Lights


Of course the iconic car with a bottle brush Christmas tree tied on top can’t help but bring out the kid in all of us. Who can resist a bright red VW Bug?!



When I first thought of making the bottle brush tree arrangement, I wanted something easy to move off the coffee table. Our grandson is almost a year old and walking everywhere. Yikes! I love holiday decorations on the coffee table, but the necessity of being able to move an arrangement in a moments notice is pretty handy.


 Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Vignette On A Tray


Holiday Entry Table

Your probably wondering why I’m showing photos of the entry table. Well, I ended up placing the bottle brush Christmas trees on the entry table, because I love how the arrangement looks in front of the chart map. The scale and colors of the trees just seem to work better in here.

As for the coffee table… I’m working on it.


Simple Bottle Brush Tree Vignette


Did you notice the garlands? These simple wool felt pompoms, one in shades of green, the other in white, keep the green and white theme going.

The tall glass lamp and a little bit of faux snow in the large glass hurricane candle holder keeps the entry table light and airy.


Christmas Entry Table With Bottle Brush Trees


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Simple Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Vignette


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Thanks so much for stopping by, to see how I’m keeping the decorating simple this year!




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6 thoughts on “Simple Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Vignette

  1. Julie Briones says:

    Love this portable bottle brush tree vignette, Michelle. Great for when you have little around! And the map in the background is perfect with the wool pom-pom garland!

  2. Janet R Lorusso says:

    I love a portable arrangement – I always do my dining table centerpiece on a tray so it’s easy to move when I need to add a tablecloth or make more space for food! And that VW with the tree on top is just adorable!

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