How to recover a seat cushion.

How To Recover Seat Cushions

If I were to tell you how many times I’ve recovered my dining chairs you wouldn’t believe me. Let’s just say I’ve had lots of practice, and can now show you how to recover seat cushions in a few easy steps.

My Chippendale style chairs have survived several moves over the last twenty-five years. They still look beautiful and now once again have an updated look with new fabric.

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How to recover a seat cushion by Thistle Key Lane.


Love the dark blue fabric on the Chippendale chairs.

Supplies I used:

I started by removing the seat cushions. Then removed the old fabric to use as a pattern for the new fabric.

Note: With chair cushions removed this is a good opportunity to tighten loose screws if needed.


Chair with seat cushion removed.


Centering the cushion on top of the fabric, I stretched and stapled the fabric in place at the top, the bottom, and then each side. With all four sides anchored, I continued the same process stapling top, bottom, then each side.


Recovering a seat cushion.


Allowing a few inches of working room at each corner, I made a tight neat fold and stapled it into place.


Corner of seat cushion.


Once all sides and corners were stapled, I trimmed the excess fabric. No one will see the bottom side of the cushion, but I want my work to look as professional as possible. This means I spaced the staples evenly and in a straight line.


Trim excess fabric for a professional look.


The last step was reinstalling the seat cushions. Done!


Reattach seat cushion.




Dining room chair with old fabric.




Dining room chair with finished seat cushion.


Recovering the dining room chairs this time was so much easier using a solid color. That’s certainly something to consider when selecting fabric.

Also keep in mind that if you do select fabric with a large pattern, that you may need extra yardage depending on the distance between the repeating pattern.


Love how these fabrics coordinate.


One of the reasons I decided on a solid color was to coordinate with other fabrics in the adjoining room. The blue striped French style chair that I recovered last year, is often used as additional seating in the dining room. The blue colors look fabulous together.

The blue fabric is not linen, but has a linen like weave with visible texture that I love so much.


Love the blue in the dining room.


What do you think? Hope you will agree the new fabric looks much better.  If you have any questions please leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by today!


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