No Sew Dog Bed Cover

There are times when I love to snuggle with my puppy dog on the sofa, and times when she enjoys her own space. Recently I made a no sew dog bed cover for my sweet Sandy girl with flannel fabric that’s super comfortable. It’s also fresh and clean and will prolong the use of her bed for a good while.

Looking for excuses to spoil your pooch, or have an unsightly dog bed that needs a little improvement, this project is for you!


Plaid dog bed in the family room.


Coordinate With Home Decor

Making a new dog bed cover is very easy and the perfect opportunity to pick a different color or design that will coordinate with your living space. Let’s face it, there are some manufacturers that have really cornered the market on ugly dog beds. So if you’re tired of the green camo look or other unattractive color combinations, here’s your chance for a change.

Sandy is considered a member of the family and part of our everyday lives. That means her bed is as much a part of the decor as everything else. My goal is to keep it comfortable for her and at the same time make it look like part of the room.

For a winter look I purchased heavy flannel fabric which will hold up well when washed. In this room we have a lot of blue accents so the blue plaid fabric fits right in.


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Supplies For a No Sew Dog Bed Cover

The bed cover is basically a loose-fitting pillow case that is open at one end.

The bed measures about 27″x38″ and the fabric measures  29″x44″ which is more than enough for a half-inch seam on the bottom and side, and a deep hem at the top opening.

After making sure I had enough fabric to cover the dog bed, I folded it in half with the good sides together.

To create the bottom and side seams, I applied a bead of fabric glue about a half-inch from the edge then pressed the fabric together.

I created a deep hem at the opening using the fabric glue then attached two sets of ribbon ties about 10 inches long.

After applying the fabric adhesive, I waited about an hour to let the glue dry which was more than enough time for it to set and then turned the cover right side out.


Plaid fabric and fabric adhesive.


Our Sandy girl likes to create a nest with my good throw blanket by scrunching it up with her paws before laying down on it. So when I finished the new bed cover, I made her a throw blanket in a coordinating plaid. We’ll see if this will spare my good ones.

The plaid throw is flannel fabric as well, measuring 44″x44″. The sides were left with a frayed edge.


This cute puppy dog loves her bed and blanket.


As you can imagine she loves her bed cover and the new throw blanket. As a special treat she got a new toy for being an extra good girl.


Plaid dog bed cover, coordinating blanket and dog toy.

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No sew plaid dog bed cover and blanket for a sweet puppy dog.


Thank you so much to for stopping by. How do you spoil your pup?


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21 thoughts on “No Sew Dog Bed Cover

  1. Cindy says:

    This looks like such an easy project and certainly one that i need to do for our little fella, Elmo! We love to pamper him especially as he ages. Thanks for sharing this Michelle!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Elmo is an awesome name. Love that! Thanks so much Cindy for stopping by and I hope you’re enjoying your holiday season. Hugs!

  2. Dorothy says:

    Thank you so much! Your comments were spot on about commercial dog bed designs. Now I’ll cover my next one to fit my home.

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      I like to sew too but sometimes it’s nice to have options. Hope you find some cute plaid fabric that will suit your needs. Happy Holidays!

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