Cork Shelf Liner

Spring cleaning is just getting started around here, and as usual I tend to get side tracked on fun projects. Today, I’m updating the kitchen shelves with cork shelf liner. I discovered the shelf liner a few years ago, at The Container Store, which is also one of my favorite and most dangerous places to shop. I have mentioned The Container Store before, when I redesigned a closet with elfa shelves. (To see the project click here.)


Shelves stay clean with cork shelf liner


Cork is naturally resistant to mold and mildew, therefore it seemed perfect for my kitchen cabinets and drawers.  I was thrilled to find a way to cover shelves in my kitchen, after water droplets caused the surface to discolor and bubble. As part of my spring cleaning, I decided to finish covering all the shelves in my kitchen.


Organized glasses



Water damaged shelf


Self Adhesive Natural Cork


Once the shelf liner was measured and cut to the correct size the installation went quickly.  I found that starting on one end of the shelf, and carefully unrolling the cork by peeling off the backing, was the easiest way to install.


Installing the cork shelf liner


Shelves with cork liner


Organized plates and bowls


I also used the cork shelf liner under the sink and in the kitchen drawers. It is about the same color as the wood and looks fresh and new. It always amazes me to see how mismatched glasses and dishes get into the mix. I pulled out several pieces to be donated.  The results are clutter free cabinets with clean cork lined shelves. I just love organized spaces.

Here is a helpful idea to protect a desk top or writing surface from getting scratched. I used the cork shelf liner on the back of a desk calendar.


Desk calendar.



Now when I turn the desk calendar over,  I have a cushioned work surface that will protect the desk top. I’m challenging you to come up with your own uses for cork shelf liner. Let me know your ideas!


Cork writing surface


Close up of cork desk pad


Sadly this project is finished, so back to spring cleaning for me. 😐  Thank you so much for stopping by!



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  1. Nancy says:

    I always forget about using cork. What a great reminder of the many uses for cork. I’m dreaming about lining a tray with cork and then using a Sharpie to color in a fun monogram.

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