Isle of Skye Botanical Beauties

The imaginative tales of the Isle of Skye fairies, are not so hard to believe, especially when surrounded by magical gardens. If you don’t accept the existence of fairies, you might change your mind with these breathtaking, Isle of Skye botanical beauties. At every turn, I was captivated by fascinating flowers. I discovered fairy hats and sparklers; chandeliers and fireworks; fairy ladders and cushions. They were all in plain sight, but the fairies were asleep.

The Dunvegan Castle gardens were the most enchanting, although the nature walks at the Clan Donald Centre gardens were stunning. The lilies below were waiting to greet us in front of a wonderful shop called Bay Pottery in Armadale.


Yellow and Red Armadale, Skye


It seemed fitting to bow to the flowers and they responded in kind.


Pink and Coral Clan Donald Centre Gardens



More Fireworks Clan Donald Centre Gardens



Flowers at the Clan Donald Centre Gardens



Fairy Hats Clan Donald Centre Gardens



Gold Clan Donald Centre Gardens


The gardens at Dunvegan Castle were scattered with meandering streams, waterfalls and paths, each full of wonder. I could easily imagine spending countless hours studying the botanicals, feeling content and untroubled.


Dunvegan Castle Garden



Primula Vailli Dunvegan Castle Gardens



Purple and Yellow Clan Donald Centre Gardens



Look Like Fireworks



Iris Dunvegan Castle Garden



Delicate White Dunvegan Castle Gardens



A Blue Beauty At Dunvegan Castle Gardens



Flowers outside Bay Pottery Armadale, Skye



Pink Armadale, Skye


Of course the thistle is one of my favorites. As a symbol of Scotland, it’s described as delicately beautiful, stubborn and tenacious. What’s not to love?


Thistle My Favorite



White Dunvengan Castle Gardens



Green and White Dunvegan Castle Gardens



Blue Bells Dunvegan Castle Gardens


Now do you believe in fairies?



Michelle Meyer || Thistle Key Lane ™

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