Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island

  • Destination: Fernandina Beach, Florida
  • Vacation:  September 17-20
  • Forecast: Tropical rain

Adventures are found every time I visit my daughter, Andrea.  Now living in Fernandina Beach, she knows all the best out of way shops and restaurants.

Friday, we set off for St. Mary’s across the state line in Georgia, to visit an adorable store called Cottle & Gunn.  It was only the second time for me to shop there, but once again I was totally absorbed in looking at literally every nicknack on every shelf.  As I was contemplating how to carry on the plane a couple of vintage milk crates, I distractedly mumbled to Andrea, “What are we looking for?”  Paint! Oh yes, we did have a purpose for our adventure.

Cottle & Gunn St. Mary's, Georgia

Cottle & Gunn St. Mary’s, Georgia

Cottle & Gunn carries Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  They have such good taste.  Their store was full of beautifully painted furniture and they offer workshops too! Andrea picked French Linen to paint her coffee table, then we were off to continue trudging through the monsoon.

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Scotland Memories

The B&B Moyness House in Inverness was perfectly charming with Victorian accents, interesting nooks, beautiful moulding, a coal-burning fireplace and large windows. We found the sitting room to be very comfy. It was a perfect spot for writing in our journals since we wanted to capture every detail of our trip. The Highland breakfast was amazing as promised. After three mornings of the best fresh eggs, bacon and vegetables imaginable, it was time to pack the car and head to Edinburgh.

Moines House B&B

Moyness House B&B

Did I forget to mention, the one thing I absolutely didn’t want to do was rent a car?! Turns out, even though the train ride from Edinburgh to Inverness would have been fascinating, the car thing (driving on the wrong side) wasn’t so bad.  I’m pretty sure I scared my daughter way more than any other drivers in Scotland and ultimately she took over that responsibility!  Score one for Miss Daisy!

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Feasting on Scotland

Going on holiday to Scotland, I just knew I would lose a couple of pounds enjoying the fresh air walking to shops and restaurants.  Ha! After the first meal I realized I was in trouble.  I traveled with my daughter Andrea, who practically invented the word “foodie”!  She is an amazing little chef on her own, therefore she notices every detail down to each select spice used in creating a dish.  I’m constantly learning new aspects of the food world from her. Me, I’m always studying the design and atmosphere of the restaurants.

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Outlander Tour

When you realize that you are an obsessive Outlander fan, do you indulge your fancies or seek professional therapy?  I recommend the indulgence route 100% and encourage implore you to take a trip to Scotland!

Castle Leod, a view into the past.

Castle Leod, a view into the past.

I admit, my daughter and I are what you could describe as Outlander disciples and yes, we are a wee bit obsessive.  If you have had the pleasure of reading the Outlander series, then you should be able to empathize with our preoccupation with all things Outlander.

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