Adventures On The Isle of Skye Tour

My daughter Andrea and I can turn a trip to the farmers market into an adventure, so imagine what it’s like when we go on holiday. Usually our adventures can be classified as quests, journeys, explorations, and sometimes escapades. A typical escapade would be making a wrong turn, getting lost, then realizing we passed what we were looking for three times.  Luckily, our adventures during the Isle of Skye tour were kept in check by our experienced guide Ian, from Inverness Tours. Last year he was our guide for only one day, this year it was three days. Poor man.

We had several outdoor adventures, starting with a stop at Glenfinnan on our way to Skye. Above Glenfinnan is the location of the possible site Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s standard was raised, on August 19, 1745. As we stood in front of the weathered rock that recorded the historic location, I was trying to imagine how much determination the Jacobites must have had to fight for their dreams.


Above Glenfinnan where Prince Charles Edward Stuart's standard was raised August 19, 1945



My thoughts were interrupted, as I was introduced to the most vicious insects on the planet. Midges! The attack was fast and almost lethal. As the midges swarmed my head, I’m pretty sure I heard one say, “oh-aye, the lass’s hair smells bonnie”. It was just a wee bit annoying at first but by the time we turned to walk down the hill, I had visions of rolling in the grass to dislodge the beasties. I scraped up every bit of self-control I had, not to scratch like a flea-bitten mad dog.

From the hill-top, part of the Glenfinnan Viaduct is visible. If you are a Harry Potter fan you will recognize the viaduct from the movies. No sign of the Hogwarts Express though.


Glenfinnan Viaduct

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