How to make and style a coffee table tray

How To Make And Style A Coffee Table Tray


Styling  a tray is a fun challenge for me. I have several trays in-use around the house, but not in the family room. I needed an oversized tray for the long coffee table, and decided a crate would do the job. Today I’m sharing with you, how to make and style a coffee table tray.


Wooden crate turned into a coffee table tray.

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Wine and cheese table with casters.

Wine and Cheese Table

Wine and cheese table with casters.


Yesterday, I was shopping at my local home improvement store and passed by the aisle containing casters.  At that point during my shopping trip, I remembered a Pinterest project I pinned from Martha Stewart, where casters were added to the bottom of a picnic basket.  Well, one idea led to another and a moment later I started picking out swivel casters and wood screws.

A couple of years ago, we received this wooden container as a Christmas gift filled with delicious cheeses and snacks. After we devoured the contents, I had it on displayed on top of the fridge because I love the store and their logo. I thought about adding some short feet to the bottom, but the casters are far more brilliant.


Wine and cheese table with casters.


After spacing out where I wanted the swivel casters, I used my handy power tool to sink the  3/4 inch wood screws in place. Done! That was a super easy project.



Now, I can use it as a stool or roll it over to be used as a little drink table. Another benefit is additional storage or hiding the TV remote from my husband.


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