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DIY Christmas Tree Shaped Pillow

I really hope you’re not getting tired of my holiday crafts, because I have a DIY Christmas tree shaped pillow project you’re going to love. For me, this is also a recycling project. However you can make yours with new fabric, and I’ll show how simple they are to create.

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Before I get into the details of the tree shaped pillow, let me point out the cute vintage Santa pillow on the right. Don’t you just love this Santa face?

I think I was in my 20s, when my mom came across a 1960s Santa apron while cleaning out her linen closet. I’m pretty sure my grandma made the apron from a kit, and that’s why my mom saved it for so long.

Instead of donating it, she modified it into a pillow, gave it to me, and I have treasured it ever since. Those bright blue eyes and red nose are just so jolly!

Growing up, my mom was always coming up with clever ways to repurpose what we already had.

Now, after all these years I find myself doing the same thing. The difference is that she did it out of necessity, and I’m doing it as more of a challenge. Finding ways to be frugal, and cutting down on waste are two things that make me very happy.

DIY Christmas Tree Shaped Pillow

I’m seeing lots of cute Christmas tree shaped pillows this year. Are you noticing them too? With so many pretty patterns and shapes it’s hard to decide on which one I like best.

Just for fun, I’m making my own out of a Pottery Barn plaid and sherpa pillow cover.  It’s still in great shape after being washed a dozen times and the sherpa is still really soft.

Instead of making one large pillow I’m making two, so if the grand littles want to steal them that’s alright with me. 😉


The first step is deciding the size and shape of your tree pillow. Using a large paper bag draw a simple outline of a pine tree and cut it out.

If you have trouble making your tree look symmetrical, then fold your paper in half and cut along the outline of side you like best. That way both sides will be the same.

Using your pattern as a guide, cut out a front piece of fabric and a back piece of sherpa. If you are making two plaid pillows, cut out each of the front pieces separately to insure the pattern is identical.

Layer the good sides of fabric together and use straight pins to hold the pieces together. Stitch around the sides leaving an opening large enough to get your hand through at the bottom.

Turn your tree pillow right side out and stuff with poly fill, making sure you get the poly fill into the smaller areas.

The last step is to hand sew the opening closed.

I’m pretty happy with how these look, but the amount of fabric I’m using is limited. So when I make more Christmas tree shaped pillows I’ll make them a bit larger.

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What do you think about this simple holiday project? It’s time to go through your stash of fabrics, and I hope you’ll have fun making a tree shaped pillow too.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I’m participating in a Christmas blog hop next week, so be sure to check back to see our Christmas tree and mantel.


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