So simple to make a "Boo" stenciled pillow cover.

Stenciled Pillow Cover

Sometimes I really go all out for Halloween and sometimes I regrettably do not. This year the decorating will probably be on the lighter side with pumpkins and a cute pillow. See how to create a stenciled pillow cover for any holiday you want to celebrate.  This one has a sweet but creepy appeal.

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Everything you need to create a stencil pillow cover.

All the products you need to create a simple BOO pillow cover are available from A Makers’ Studio. Love that one stop shopping!

Supply List For Stenciled Pillow Cover

  • Canvas Pillow Cover
  • Gilding Size
  • Sponge Brush
  • Copper Leaf
  • Rescue Restore Paint Summer Nights
  • Alphabet Stencil
  • Chip Brush

Using stencils for this project was little different from my post Creating Art With Stencils And Chalk Paint. This time I used stencils as a guide for the gilding size in order to apply copper leaf to fabric.

This was my first time using a stencil on fabric. One thing I figured out was how important it is to push the gilding size through the mesh stencil with the sponge brush.

DIY Stenciled Pillow Cover

Once the size was applied, I waited about 15 minutes then tested the size lightly with a finger to make sure it was slightly sticky or tacky. In gilding terms the size should come to tack.

Holding the edge of the copper leaf book, I pulled back the protective tissue paper to expose the copper leaf then pressed the sheet to the fabric covering the size.

It’s important to press firmly through the tissue paper and burnish with the palm of the hand so that the copper leaf firmly sticks.

See how easy it is to apply copper leaf to fabric.

Remove the excess copper leaf with a brush.

I repeated this process again moving the stencil letters slightly off centered so that the end result would be smudged or blurry looking letters.  The stencils were gently washed again to be reused.

The last step was applying Rescue Restore Paint in Summer Nights, using the same alphabet stencils on top of the gilded letters.

The copper leaf created a pretty background or halo effect for the dark blue letters.

Stencil pillow cover with copper leaf and paint.

The copper gilding gives the pillow cover a hint of sophistication.


On the reverse side I used a stag stencil in the same color blue. It’s two pillows in one that can be flipped around to change the look.

So smart to stencil both sides of a pillow cover.

Stenciling on a hard surface like the chalkboard was easier for me, but I think with more practice I will become more skilled stenciling on fabric.

For your project you may want to spell out a short word or name with paint and not use the gilding. Think of as your project and you’re the boss!

More Ideas For The Alphabet Stencil

  • Initials
  • JOY
  • LOVE
  • HOME
  • XMAS

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Simple and cute DIY stenciled pillow cover.

In case you’re wondering, the pillow covers from A Makers’ Studio have a hidden zipper, they’re machine washable and are a medium weight fabric which helps them keep their shape. Having said that you can guess l’ll be ordering a few more for holiday projects and gifts.

For more ideas on gilding see the post Silver Leaf Bowl DIY. Questions or comments? I love hearing from you!


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