Windsor Chair

With paint brush at the ready, I decided to build on the momentum generated from last weekend’s quick and easy project.


Windsor Chair Before


My attention was focused on a simple Windsor chair, purchased ages ago from Ethan Allen. The seat was very scratched and not in a lovely time-worn way. Happily, the rest of the chair still had a beautiful finish, so I proceeded with a restrained hand to only address the seat portion. My goal was to create an aged look.

Side view before


I started with painters tape to avoid getting paint on the back spindles. Then applied one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey.

You may wonder why I’m always using Annie Sloan products.  It’s very simple, sanding and prepping the surface before paining is not required with ASCP. Brilliant for impatient painters like me. Besides that, I’m crazy about the variety of colors.


Painters tape


Continuing with the project, I carefully removed the painters tape and touched up around the base of each spindle. Then I sanded and sanded. Two hours later the finish was silky smooth. However, I had removed too much paint, so I repeated the painting and sanding process several more times until I was happy with the look.

The last step was adding white wax and polishing with a cloth until the seat had a soft glossy finish.


Windsor Update


Painted Chair


Since the paint color is a soft grey with a hint of blue, I can use the chair in several different rooms, or place it back with its matching desk and armoire in the guest room.


Windsor chair with aged seat


Sweet Dreams Windsor Chair


The smooth finish feels like polished metal, even where the original wood is visible. My goal on past projects was simply to add a pop of color, or give new life to a piece past its prime. The Windsor Chair is the first piece of furniture I’ve attempted to create an aged patina finish. Hopefully, I’m on the right track.



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4 thoughts on “Windsor Chair

  1. P Norton says:

    Love your work! Wish you share all materials you use for your projects for example type of your sand paper etc., etc., But great work anyway 🙂

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      Thank you for stopping by to see the Windsor chair. I usually get so excited about sharing the end results of projects, I skip over those important details. I like using sanding sponges by 3M in a medium or fine grade. On this project, in addition to the sanding sponges, I used steel wool to achieve an extra smooth finish. I appreciate your comment and hope you stop by again.

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