Whimsical Arrangement

The key to easy flower arranging is finding the right type of vase for the flowers you love.  My favorite is a 4-1/2″ glass square vase that I have used over and over.  It is ideal for wedging flowers in close together for a big impact.  I have used it for roses, hydrangeas, daisies and in this picture, pom green buttons and snapdragons. I planned on featuring the snapdragons at each corner but I like the whimsical look of them coming out of the center.  It is like an unruly ponytail that can’t be tamed.

For this arrangement I purchased two bouquets of the pom green buttons and four stems of the snapdragons.   First I filled the bottom of the vase with rocks and added water. Next I decided how tall I wanted the stems before cutting. Then I removed the leaves from the stems and started packing the flowers in the vase. I filled every little space with a flower and at last added the snapdragon stems into the center.  The flowers look great from any angle.

The few leftovers I had went into a tiny little vase. 

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