When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

St. Patrick’s Day always brings back good memories for me.  Our way of celebrating was to immerse ourselves in anything Irish.  It was a tradition growing up to watch The Quiet Man starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.  A good old fashion fighting Irish movie with a happy ending!  I also remember feasting on corn beef, potatoes, cabbage and carrots. Yum!  This year I might even raise a pint, but first I need to make something festive for the front door.

I was thinking about making a traditional wreath with ribbons, shamrocks and flowers, but opted for something a little simpler.  My front door is black so a bright green letter “M” should really pop!

My  list of supplies consists of:  

  • large letter
  • light green and medium green craft paint
  • paint pens yellow and white
  • paint brush 
  • power tool with drill bit
  • sanding sponge
  • ribbon
  • felt pads 

First, I drilled a hole at the top on each side. Next, I painted the back with the medium green craft paint, let it dry, then painted the front side. Next I used a dry brush technique with the lighter green paint to make light vertical streaks.

Before I added the plaid lines with the paint pens, I measured a two-inch grid, marked with chalk as a guide.

Once the letter was completely dry, I sanded the edges and the front to blur the lines. Then I threaded ribbon through the holes and knotted the ends for hanging.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

The last step before hanging the letter on the door was adding felt pads to be back to prevent the door from getting scratched.

Don’t forget the,  “wearing of the green” next Tuesday and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

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