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Updating A Home Office

Meet two adorable Black Russian Terriers, Basher and Gypsy. They are here to welcome you to their mommy’s new home office.


Huge Wooden Doggie Toy Box

Last weekend’s project involved helping my daughter, Andrea, add some finishing touches to her home office.  Andrea lives in Florida, so she took before and after photos for me so that I could see what was going on four states away. I laughed at the pile of wood in the middle of the room.  She justified the carnage by insisting that the old desk refused to be dismantled and some karate moves were required.  At-a-girl!


Dismantling a desk


Desk with shelves


With the new desk and bookshelf assembled and in place, I was able to come up with a punch list of things that I could tweak in the space.  I have to give Andrea credit, placing the desk in the middle of the room was perfect. Most people don’t want their back to the door and by placing the desk in this position, she now has a perfect view into the dinning and kitchen areas. Better yet, she can see what her very large puppy dogs are up to throughout the day.


Updating and planning a home office.


The decorating project came together last weekend while Andrea and my son-in-law, Monte, were out-of-town for a wedding. I had fun sharing dog sitting responsibilities with Monte’s mom, Marcia. We also managed to have a lot of fun hunting for shells on the beach and eating at some of our favorite Fernandina restaurants.  My mission was twofold last weekend; spoil my grand dogs and scour the local antique stores for fun pieces to add to the office.


The library chair will be perfect for a desk chair. Just needs to be painted.


My biggest accomplishment was finding an old library chair. It’s surprising how comfortable a chair such as this can be to sit in for long periods of time and what a difference white spray paint made in bringing out its handsome features.


The library chair was painted white. Simple and classic.


My daughter also did some hunting while up in Cincinnati.  She found the framed chalk boards and a huge wooden container for dog toys. I taught her so well. After loading it up with the dog toys, Marcia aptly named it Noah’s Ark. Basher and Gypsy definitely approve of the their toy box and the home office space.


Home office with industrial looking desk and bookshelf.


The gallery wall was created with white frames I found at Target and art work Andrea already had.  I’m glad there’s still plenty of space for future additions. The metal gear was found at a local resale shop and adds a bit of whimsy to the gallery wall.


Gallery wall with room to add more fun quotes and whimsical objects.


The crates are from JoAnn’s. They are just the right size for storage, on the narrow desk shelves.


Additional storage created with wooden crates.


The mercury glass lamp adds a bit of sophistication to the space on the bookshelf.


Lighting added to the bookshelf.


Mixing styles with a library chair and an industrial desk.


Chalkboards add a fun touch to the home office.


The functional home office came together beautifully. Andrea is just as pleased as I am, plus the space can evolve as her work needs change. Job well done!

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4 thoughts on “Updating A Home Office

  1. Marcia Allen says:

    I totally enjoyed this time… grand dog walking, beach walking, dining, and shopping with you, Michelle….. And, then I was amazed as I watched you work your magic! You absolutely have an eye for simple, yet classic, eye-catching touches. Andrea’s office was so comfortable and functional. I need help in every room of my home, so don’t hesitate to suggest a project when you need a challenging new subject to straighten out 🙂

    I think you should do a photography blog, too…. I wish everyone could see how beautifully you arranged my shell collection to be enlarged, maybe as prints on canvas, or framed for display…. And, your ‘zoomed in shell art’ was sooooooo interesting….. Your followers will love it.

    Thank you for including me, it was by far a highlight of my year!!!

    • Michelle Meyer says:

      I had a blast and thank you for helping me with the antique (junk) shopping! You kept me organized all weekend. Great team work although it was really more fun than work. 🙂 Great suggestion on the shell photography! I’ll work that into a post in the coming weeks.

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